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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by smurphny View Post
There is more at work than just the dependence on electronic navigation and weather services. It seems to me that there are more million dollar rigs on the water now then back before dead reckoning was the only nav method. There are just more people with money to burn who decide they are going to buy an expensive boat and be sailors. Many, not all, are really not suited to an activity like sailing. What works in a cubicle does not translate to what works on a sailboat. Judgement, respect for the sea, mechanical ability in a pinch; experience can't be bought. Sailing goes back to some basic skills with which many executive sailors have no connection. They pay their insurance premium and off they go. We get stuck with the bill eventually in increased insurance costs. So, stupid decisions to try to navigate tricky passages in crappy conditions are probably more directly related to hubris and money than to reliance on plotters.
Well, DUH... (grin)

Yeah, the RULE 62 deal certainly has all the earmarks of the phenomenon you describe...

Still, I'll repeat it again... GPS is the primary "enabler" of this phenomenon... RULE 62 would not have been sailing in the Caribbean 1500 if it were not for GPS... Hell, rallies like the 1500 have been enabled by GPS, why did they not exist prior to the advent of the accuracy of position fixing afforded by electronic navigation?

Hanging around the docks for the week or so prior to the departure of something like the 1500 can be an eye-opening experience, for some... Seeing arriving crew dragging freakin' SUITCASES down the docks towards a Hylas 56, it becomes pretty apparent some of these folks likely don't have a CLUE what they might be in for...

Examples abound, of folks headed out there now who have a good deal more money, than sea-sense, or experience...

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