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Re: Do I Need an EPIRB?

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post

And how far do you GUESS you will be able to transmit.

Tell you what take the antaena of you portable VHF and go a block away and see if your regular VHF picks up the transmission ( IT WONT)

EPIRB doesnt need power either.

In an emergency, where power is out, radio VHF will not work therefore no DSC, EPIRB will work

In an emergency where the boat is sinking,,no time to go below deck to transmit, EPIRB will continueally sent signal

In an emergency where the boat has sunk, VHF DSC wont work, EPIRB will work continously

In the event you are in the liferaft VHF wont transmitt but EPIRB will transmuit continuosly

In the event you are in the water, VHF with DSC wont work but EPIRP will.

When you grab your ditch bag make sure you grab your EPIRB and put it in, if you grab the VHF you will be sh.. out of luck.

BTW I have DSC and AIS on my VHF. Its fine for small isuues, but the EPIRB is good for everything so if I could only have brainer
Jesus Dave, Why are you screaming at me. It seems that I had said that a DSC radio was better than an Epirb when I have said quite the oposite

What I have said is that a radio with a DSC is better than a radio without a DSC and offers some advantages in what regards a Mayday situation even if only in the cases that the antenna is not lost. Do you not agree with that

That's why they are mandatory on merchant boats. Have a look at what I have said:

Originally Posted by PCP View Post

The DSC VHS will send to a coastal station and to all boats in range a Mayday signal with the identification of your boat and the GPS position. The main difference with an Epirb is that while this one works for satellite transmission and has an unlimited range the DSC range is limited to the range of your boat VHS and eventually to the possibility of relay Mayday...

A PLB, if it has a GPS integrated, is just a smaller Epirb, not as expensive but expensive anyway (more than half the price) and the only inconvenient is a smaller time of signal emission. That can only be a problem if you sail far away from the coast and if takes a lot of time to get there.

I agree that it is better then a DSC but it is all a question of price. If price is not an objection just buy a Class one Epirb and have also a smaller PLB

A radio is needed on the boat anyway and if one wants to renew it's old radio than a DSC is better than nothing and a lot cheaper.
Don't you agree?


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