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Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
Eh, smarten up better than our Canajian neighbors?

When's the last time you heard a Canajian carpenter measuring lumber in those handy decimeters? Nope, they still use our four by eight (foot) plywood sheets, and our two by four (inch) studs, and they cut fits to the 1/16" of an inch, not the millimeter.

Incidentally, you can't use millimeters for woodworking, because as the humidity changes, the wood changes size and the millimeters turn out to be too precise, they no longer fit.

Last I heard, Canajian plumbers aren't too fond of metric, either.

But it doesn't really matter WHICH scale you measure the parts with, as long as the idiot supplying them and machining them MEETS THE SPEC. Machine parts wear out, too. So the lowest bidder, who pushes his drills and such past their spec, winds up being out of spec every time. But hey, he's still won the bid.

That's the difference between a $1000 Honda genset, and some $500 ShenZhou POS that looks perfectly identical to it. The POS folks are using the worn out parts that someone else already threw out.

None of which really matters if you're building mars landers, of course. We all know that's simply called "The Martians only shot down two out of three!" (VBG) Curiousity's skip-and-jump-shufflebop routine obviously beat the Martian defenses.
Um... being a Canadian carpenter I can tell you that I use Imperial for rough work and metric for finishing. I agree with the previous poster however, everything should just be metric, it would solve a lot of problems. And while we are at it lets change all screw heads to Robertson.

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