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Re: VHF Radio in the cockpit

Trust my life? Um, thinking of the shutdown on Millenium Falken. Or Independence Day. (G)

No, thank you, I don't consider recreational-boat navionics to be critical systems. Convenient, yes. Handy, yes, Mission critical or trusting my life? No, not to any of them. I've seen GPS go to lunch, independent of the hardware. And LORAN insist that wormholes existed. WIndows BSODs, Android goes out to lunch, and anyone who has used a Mac long enough knows the system bomb. Oh, sure, it reboots quicky, meanwhile it still crashed.

If I'm relying on electronics, I try to be that mythical "prudent mariner" and make sure there's at least two different systems singing the same choir song. And if there's only one, I try to make sure my eyes are out of the boat and I've got something else to rely on.

Trust my life? To some duplicitous silicon critter oftne made by and for exploited slave labor and robber barons? Yeah, I know, they only WISH they could be robber barons.

No, I trust my life to quantum physics, which gives me very long odds that the hull will not simply become porous and allow the ocean to come in without warning.
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