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Hey Jim & all,

I appreciate the kind comments.

Actually, the book I am writing (and have been for a little over 2 1/2 years) is a children's book about Santa Clause! St. Nicholas was actually one of the patron saints of the sea for mariners... thus, the book has a very strong nautical theme (no surprise from me, huh?). A lot of twists and things I have tried to bring together that bridges the gap between our perception of Santa Clause and other cultures; a happy ending, feel-good book. If you cannot guess, finding a commonality is a theme I try to relate.

I have been writing since I was 15, but have NEVER attempted to get something published. I have written several books and short stories. My wife finally got frustrated with me for not attempting to publish, so she sent a copy of one of the Chronicles of Cruising I wrote on Sailnet to Latt & Att yesterday ( I have actually written many more that have not been posted on Sailnet). I told her that she should have sent it to the cheap paperback novels that end up as packing material instead, but I got some comment about, "Shut up and mind your own business." We will see what happens - but I have no doubt that they get soooo many articles from great writers that it is unlikely. No problem. I write because I enjoy it and have fun at it. I enjoy moving and motivating people and making them feel a little better (at least, I hope... Waverider might comment to the contrary!).

So, if any of you want to throw in a good word for me at Latt & Att, it would be appreciated! Who knows what will happen? But, with the right attitude and the right intentions, anything can be accomplished.

Take care. Please excuse me if you don't hear too much from me as I try and finish everything up on this end. I will check in/out periodically.


- Brian
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