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Re: Looking at a Alberg 35

Originally Posted by jcboyce View Post

1) assuming is for fools.
Easy there JC! I said I "assume" the hull is bulletproof because in 1965 they didn't know how strong fiberglass was and over compensated. it's reported to be an inch thick in spots. Does this OP look like it was composed by a "fool"?
2)Inspect it from Stem to stern, looking for cracked glass joints at,tanks, bulkheads, keel bolts, hull deck joints, Or anything you can't explain.
I assure you, should I chose to proceed, I will have her hauled and get a survey. Simply qualifing now.
3)look for water trails, odd wear marks. Obviously, I have. Hence the question about water marks on the beam and the comment about the liner concealing things!
4)Most rudders are shaft / bar construction, and seamed around the edges, look for cracks.
5) the Betta I remember from china sounded like it had a cracked tuning fork in it, But, It's there. It's been years but I think some of the Albergs had an Atomic 4 23 hp. that displacement hull will flow your wetted surfaces well limiting drag. though I don't think I've been on an Alberg in 33 to 35 years, stuffing box hose was lose.
As for the paper graph, the paper was $8 a roll in the 80 I think it was. Are you planning to do salvage diving and need a record of what you went over?
I would have no intention of using this dinosaur. Just thought it was funny that it was still working at all! I guess the graph feature was intended for fishing or something. I assume it wasn't intended for sailing (Oooops...there I go....assuming again!)
The interior looks to be solid teak frames with Formica(Trade name). You can paint it. or you could Assuming It is what I think, remove the Formica, and replace it with a teak veneer, Sand and Varnish or Teak oil all of the above. If you don't know how seal the teak and paint, unless you use epoxy paint it will probably fall off anyway, but you will have time to gather the skills you need to move forward. I have no intention of painting the Teak. Just the Formica.
Sounds easy. I bought my current prize while she was sunk. So your way ahead.
Must have been tough to spot "water trails". On the other hand, you didn't have to put her on the hard to inspect the rudder, she was already there. It was you who was afloat! Unless you bought her sunk unseen...but only a fool would do that!

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