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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by Brewgyver View Post
That MIGHT happen, but it usually is does not. Most people cannot recite what they heard, word for word, an hour later. And in any case, your point is moot, as the person recalling what Walbridge said was NOT part of the crew.
Let me see if I understand you. Your point is that story about how Bount'ys Captain said how he was going to maneuver the Hurricane with his Ship was probably not accurate. I am saying that is such a weird statement that should have been marked in the memory of the ones that hear it. The statement was produced to the crew and some other persons that were there, a small group.

The article that refers that is published at 3/11 and Bounty leaved at 25/10 so are talking about a week or less between the statement and the moment it was told to the reporter by New London Dockmaster Barbara Neff. Not a month or a year and it is a pretty simple statement:

He wanted to get a jump on a massive weather system coming from the south ....

Walbridge formed a circle with his thumbs and index fingers, and told listeners to look at his right thumb. It represented the southeastern section of the hurricane.

“He said he wanted to get to the southeast quadrant and ride the storm out",

Bounty's ill-fated trip in face of hurricane scrutinized | |

How difficult is to remember such a simple statement a week before being made and obviously being such a dramatic statement. There is some drama in saying that he is going to out-sail an hurricane you have to admit, is not as saying that tomorrow is going to rain.

He said that to a a small group that included the crew and Barbara Neff. Barbara new the Captain for 15 years and that's why she was probably on that group.


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