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Long range cruising and sailboat preferences.

Originally Posted by hannah2 View Post
Again as far as the bluejacket 40 goes and what the company says on its website, " The Bluejacket 40 is a delightful enviroment for family vacations and overnight getaways as well as racing around bouys." ....

I think the majority of Bluewater cruisers wish if they could have it would like something a little more than the BlueJacket 40. Mind you not that much more.
More important than whatever the message the company that is making and selling the boat want to pass is what the boat was designed for and the one that knows about that is the one that had designed it, Tim Jackett and he says about it: The design challenge presented was to create a yacht with a performance pedigree, one that could compete effectively in around-the-buoy and offshore races yet provide a level of comfort, build quality and ease of use that would gratify the entire family.

I know enough of sailingboats to recognize what they are made for in what regards cruising and racing and I am quite sure that describing Bluejacket sailing cruising program as a boat particularly suited for "overnight getaways" makes as sense as describing a Hunter 40 as a boat specially suited for bluewater cruising. Brands can say what they want to sell the boats, we would be fools if we believed in all what they say

Regarding bluewater cruisers wanting something more than the BlueJacket, it all depends on the cruisers. Some would want a smaller boat, others a bigger boat and the ones that would want a bigger would not want necessarily an aluminium centerboarder. Some would want an heavier fiberglass boat like an Amel, others would want a faster and lighter one like a Pogo 50, others would want a even faster ocean cat like the Outremer 49.

Personally If I was going to circumnavigate I would not chose a boat not bigger than 40ft, I would chose a light boat easy to maintain, easy to sail solo (with small sails), stable, and that would sail with very light winds. I guess that a JPK 38 with a swing keel would be a possible choice. I find the Pogo 12.50 already too big to be sailed solo comfortably, and solo because if I do that there is no way I could bring my wife alone. She likes to do coastal cruise but simply is not interested to be 15 days in a boat without going to shore, and by the way I have almost 60 years old but like to sail fast and get bored in a slow boat and I am not the only one, I mean "old" sailors that like to cruise while enjoying sailing fast.

Each case is a case, sailors are different and that's why there are so many different type of boats designed for bluewater cruising and voyaging. As an example look at the difference in cruising style and sailing between the bigger sister of your boat, an Aluminium Boreal 50, a Pogo 50 or an Outremer 49. All are designed having in mind long distance cruising, but how different can they be? As different as the type of sailors that will prefer each one, and that has nothing to do with age

The Boréals are aluminium sailing yachts with a centerboard, designed for long offshore voyaging.
- This means that the approach is totally different from a ‘holiday’ cruising boat
- built in aluminium (which, whilst not an absolute necessity for long voyages, remains the best choice of material)
- with a centerboard inside a keel box.


Like its siblings in the Pogo range, the Pogo 50 is tailored for fast cruising : it is light, wide, and features a deep (lifting !) draft and generous sail area. Its speed and its seaworthiness put far, far away shores within reach ! Its shallow draft, once the keel is up, allows access to all little paradisiac coves. Its lean deck plan and large cockpit make it the ideal boat at the mooring.
Pogo 50 | finot-conq architectes navals

Go fast, go far, enjoy yourself
The Outremers were created from a solid concept: the design and build of catamarans which are all seaworthy, fast and simple. ...Seaworthy, to be free to go anywhere. Seaworthy means to favour security. ...Fast for both safety and the sensations.
Speed is an element of safety and comfort. When facing a particular weather scenario, the average speeds our boats are capable of, allow routes which would otherwise be impossible at lower speeds. Speed is a source of pleasure. It is the very essence of sailing.
Since 1984, 200 such craft have sailed all the seas of the globe crewed by couples and families making their dreams a reality.....The majority have sailed far and wide, with numerous circumnavigations of the globe being achieved.

Outremer Catamaran - The Concept



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