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Re: Standard Horizon WS100

Originally Posted by xort View Post
My SH wind instrument has quit. Did a full reset with no luck. Wind speed reads 0 and wind direction is erratic. If left off for 24 hours, it will work for about an hour or two, then quit.

I suspect it's the display. What are my options? Can I replace just the display with an ST 60? Some other display with the same square footprint?
We have had similar difficulties with our SH Wind Speed/Direction indicator. If you have had any lightening in your area the linearization of the direction indicator is likely out of synch and if you've had birds sitting on the wind wand, you likely have bird poop goofing up the speed indicator. You may also have some corrosion on the pins at the wand connector at the mast head.

I suggest you try pulling the wand and thoroughly cleaning the connection pins. Also pull the cups off the spindle and clean the receiver, spindle and cups with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly. Then spray the spindle with SailKote and reinstall the cups once that's dry. Remove the display to access the connector on the back side and release the cable connection. Then do a cold "reset" of the unit to clear the memory and reset the factory defaults. Then plug the wand pins directly into the cable connection at the unit itself and follow the instructions in the user manual for relinearizing the direction indicator (under Calibration). This involves getting the display into linearizing mode and spinning the direction indicator in one direction (only) until the display has made a full 360 rotation. Then, drop down to speed and spin the cups manually to see if the speed indicator registers although it likely should/will. You can recalibrate that at deck level if you have a wind wizzard or other hand held wind speed indicator or later at the mast-head. If the foregoing goes well, coat the pins in the wand with a little conductive grease and reinstall at the masthead. With that you can calibrate the direction indicator and adjust the displayed speed as necessary.

Unfortunately, we seem to have to go through this routine at roughly 3 year intervals. Frankly, I routinely ignore the wind speed/direction indicator and simply refer to the Windex we have at the masthead.

FWIW...Good Luck.

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