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Re: Long Range WiFi -- Posting right now using "long range" wireless

"Fair" is what the warranty offers, up front. You don't unlaterally renegotiate that after the purchase. Product says ten day return privilege and that won't work for you? Either you don't buy it, or you call ahead before the purchase to make other arrangements.

I'm not taking sides in this fight because so far I only heare "he says she says" but I note that ten days in the customer's hands. Other companies say ten days from the date of sale, and uinless you use express shipping both ways--that really is piushing things.

Could just as simply be buyer's remorse after finding out the Wirie is (?) just a strong wifi repeater in a waterproof case. Unless there's something special about the software, etc., a fast look at the web site could make a techie suspect that. (Generic repeater, under $100 this year. Generic waterproof case, varies with how well you know your Tupperware Lady. (G)

Of course a $12,000 Rolex doesn't keep time any better than a $12 Casio, but I still know which one I'd rather be seen wearing.(G)
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