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Re: Have you ever hit a shipping container?

Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
"In the cargo container world is there any serious discussion about"
Since they have no legal liability for flotsam, why would they waste the time of day discussing ways to lower their income and raise their expenses by refitting a couple of million cargo cubes?
Bottom line? Until and unless international law makes them liable for damages, and until and unless those damages cost more annually than refitting containers, nothing is goinjg to happen.
The same way that the US airlines only attend to safety issues when the cost of paying out death settlements surpasses the cost of the changes to prevent them. That's FAA-approved accounting with the value of the average death something like $3.2? $3.8? million dollars. If you can save one passenger-life per year, but it costs $4 million dollars to do that, you don't do it. Simple math.
These are businesses.
That is what is known as Cost/Benefit analysis and all corporations have teams of actuaries and lawyers working on those kind of calculations all the time.

It ALWAYS comes down to $$$$. Concepts such as right, wrong, duty, morality etc. have absolutely nothing to do with corporate governance.
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