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Re: Updating electrical system

There is a ton on here about everything, electrical included.

I'd strongly suggest going with a main bank/reserve bank system generally favored here. That means you don't have a start and house bank, you have a large main bank that's both house and start. The reserve bank only exists in-case, by mistake, your main bank is dead. If you combine this with some automatic charging device such as an ACR relay or echo charger it means that you never have to manually change the battery switch - get on the boat and turn it to 1 - that's it, the relay or echo charger does the rest of the switching.

The best bang for the buck on batteries are golf cart batteries. They're designed as true deep cycles and last the longest in that use (unlike almost anything with 'Marine' on it - even the best 'Marine Deep Cycle' are still designed with cranking amps in mind which hurts deep cycle life)

So it's hard to go wrong with 2 or 4 golf cart batteries. They also have smaller footprints which are often better. I'd avoid using a 'starter' battery for the starter - batteries labeled 'starter', even marine ones are fragile one trick ponies good at nothing except providing cheap starting amps. If your main bank is dead you'll likely want some radio/gps light capacity as well.

A down side to golf cart batteries, and flooded batteries in general is their self-discharge rate. So that's where solar/wind comes in to keep them topped off while your gone.

SI-Series Automatic Charging Relay - PN 7610 - Blue Sea Systems

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