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Re: Follow the ARC

Originally Posted by MarkofSeaLife View Post

Half the reason is that old wankers on these forums denigrate the new technology like AIS preferring paper, sextants and baring compasses. Quite obviously if both boats had AIS this situation would not have occurred.

But it's not extraordinary. All ships have it, all fishing vessels that go well off shore have it... It's only $500 for a transponder.... But it's the cruisers who are the last up takers of it!

If you don't have AIS buy one.
I guess that is enough MarK I guess that you are making those comments just to get Jon talking but by now you have perfectly understood that he is not against technology but against the kind of false security that induces in some and that can lead to reckless behaviors.

Regarding that almost accident AIS would have done nothing since both boats were seeing each other and even so the guy that should have changed course didn't.

Regarding AIS I live on a fishermen village and I can tell you that nobody has AIS and nobody is going to have it unless it is mandatory. Life is difficult at this time and nobody will buy one if not obliged.

If you expect or trust on the AIS as foolproof mean to avoid collisions you are going to be run down by a fishing boat, like those two guys on the Vendee Globe (neither of the Fishing boats that collided with the Open 60's had AIS).

Note that I find the AIS very useful even if I trust more on the radar. It is a useful toll especially offshore to avoid big ships and to be seen by them. On coastal waters and on places with heavy traffic ships filter the signals of pleasure boats to not have constant alarms (the signal of a pleasure boat is different - Class B) and to be able to follow other ships. So if you think that your AIS is being "seen" by ships in a heavy traffic zone, better be careful because probably you are being "filtered". on this forum, or in other, I don't remember, a Ship Captain explained all about that.

I guess that it is about the ignorance regarding this type of situations and about the unreasonable confidence that a less informed sailor can have about the shortcomings of electronic aids and the danger that represents that Jon is talking about.

I know that it is not your case and I know that you know to what Jon is referring so stop pissing him



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