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Re: An Informed Opinion about the Bounty

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Wow we have finally found the long lost missing naval writer for the National Enquirer. He surfaced just in time to give us his prose filled insightful opinion of I tragicly poor decision.

Hopefully he devotes as much energy to keeping his boat safe and analyzes his decisions as thoroughly after the fact.

Bravo for becoming the second blowhard of the thread Bounty threads


You are doing EXACTLY, EXACTLY, EXACTLY what you have vociferously opined against for weeks... Your post above is "arm chair quarterbacking" by a "computer screen" expert at its best and WREAKS of blatant hypocrisy... Seems you DO have an opinion just like everyone else and you are going to state it, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE....

Was it not you who said this?
Originally Posted by chef2sail
There will be plenty of time to understand and process the facts and I am sure it will be done by real experts on the field and real lawyers rather than the computer screen lawyers here. Then and only then will we really have the truth about this. Until then tell me....what pleasure do you derive from speculating on this.


What pleasure do you derive from being one of the main drivers of the continuation of the HMS Bounty topic on SN? What pleasure do you derive brushing off anyone with an "opinion" differing from yours as an "armchair lawyer" or "arm chair quarter back"...?

What pleasure do you derive from referring to a well respected tall ship captain as a "national Enquirer" writer & calling the captain of the Pride of Baltimore a "blowhard"......?? Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .

Have you forgotten that Jan is not a "writer" at all and is merely stating his FEELINGS after WAITING for nearly a month after the death of what he considers a friend? He waited to post this and still apparently has a LOT of anger over this. I don't consider his writings all that good but he did not "rush to judgement" and he did wait to write his "open letter" almost a month...That to me says something, not sure what, but I feel his pain.

Jan can certainly be considered a "real expert" on tall ships, a peer to Walbridge and one of the foremost "experts" on that type of vessel and the sailing of them. His OPINION was what he wrote. he apparently feels Walbridge left a bad mark on the rest of the fleet. These are his feelings and OPINION as an "expert", something you actually asked for in the other thread..

Apparently you have decided you don't like his writings so resort to name calling and denigrating his OPINION of a lost friends actions as "National Enquirer" level writings and to him personally as a "blowhard".... That, I FIND UTTERLY OFFENSIVE especially coming from YOU who has spent countless hours per day at your keyboard taking up a stance against ANYONE with an OPINION or "rush to judgement" that is different from yours on this matter.......

You also said this:

Originally Posted by chef2sail
My biggest problem with the postings are the rush to judgement to afix blame on the captain entirely, and then the glee to assassinate his character. This isnt done by a group of savy well experienced ocean and blue water sailors ( my apologies to the few who have this experience) but is being done by the armchair quarterbacks who start analyzing the situations as soon as the story comes apparent. It leads to this feeding frenzy which can prevent them from looking and absorbing other details as wells as focusing on unimportant snippets of u tube postings as the paramount reasoning. Its like its a story of thodse damn shows following network news at 7 PM. The SN jury has already found the captain guilty as charged and not even waited for any evidence of the companies pressure or involvement, statements from the survivors, or statements from professionals.
and this:

Originally Posted by chef2sail
Funny many of the interviews I have seen with the Captains professional aquaitences do not paint a picture of a reckless man.
Originally Posted by chef2sail
Just a side note the Captain of the Pride of Baltimore interview today says hes witholding jusdgement until more facts come forward and the inquirey by the GC is done.
Now we do have a statement from the captain of the Pride of Baltimore who is not only a professional or "acquaintance" but a peer and one of the foremost experts on tall ships and you dismiss his OPINIONS as "National Enquirer" and call him a "blowhard"....? Wow!!!

Hypocrisy 101...

Originally Posted by chef2sail
Ever notice the TRUE professioals are not predisopsing themselves to conclusions here?
Um now I guess the captain of the Pride of Baltimore will get dismissed as not a "TRUE professional"....?

No offense to you personally I just find a gross level of hypocrisy on your part on this entire matter.. That is my "opinion", but perhaps not a fact....

You have also used numerous offensive terms in this and the other thread. Far more than Rogers "toy boat sailor" comment yet you again go at him very hypocritically and call him out on his comment being offensive..

So how is "toy boat sailor" any more or less offensive than your name calling of other SN members? Like........

"armchair lawyer"
"armchair quarterbacks"
"amateur sleuths"
"Salinet pundits"
"internet jockey"

Originally Posted by chef2sail
Is civility no longer part of our culture where we feel we ll have the right to judge...and then post out feelings with no regards to the people involved.

You asked that last question, not I..

-Maine Sail / CS-36T

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