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Re: An Informed Opinion about the Bounty


No disrespect, So now you get down in the dirt with me and do exactly what I do. PMs still exist and you could have made your points there so obviously you felt some need to publicly state your opinion to try and take me own a peg. You do exactly what you accuse me of Makes you no better than me and me no better than anyone else. Guess you understand now if you can beat them, join them. Directing it to me and singling me out is no different than what I have done. Calling me a hypocrite is no different from what you say I do. Maybe your threshold is higher than mine, but obviously you have one so i see and I appear o have crossed it or tweaked it with you. So how do you handle it. Basically like me. You rush in to post a long wordy diatribe directed at one individual. You can't occupy the high ground if you get down in the trench. I have climbed down on my own free will and decided that my previous approach didn't work so I changed. There are a few posters on here who do exactly the same and i no one stops them. So I see your have now partially joined me, or maybe it is only directed to me and you will climb out of the pit. Either way, your directing at one individual on here is just what you are doing yourself, so I guess hypocrisy rules. I hope you are now taking the banner of fighting hypocracy on Sailnet and will apply to all who post and don't just single me out. Go for it I got tired of seeing my friend Mr Walbridge being vilified as the next thing o Jeffery Dahmler so I have been upset and angry in this thread.

I respect your opinion in many things technical where you obviously have expertise far more than mine. We have met and I enjoyed our conversation together and hope we get to do it again over drinks or a meal. You have been a great source of informstion . That's earns huge respect from me. Doing what you did just now does not. I assume you have felt the same as you have watched me recently in this thread.

So lets just say you re the better person here, most of the time anyway. I applaud your control. I don't process it maybe, or I don't want to maybe, and maybe in this thread particularly. Doesn't really matter as there are plenty on here who don't and get away with it all the time. You will notice that my behavior/ tone has really mainly been in this thread and does not really carry over to others. Maybe you should ask me why privately. The answer may surprise you.

Suffice it to say that my relationship to the deceased Captain and his family was more than professional, circumstantial, and more than just his job as the Captain of the sunk Bounty. None of you unless you have had it happen to you, someone in your family can understand what it is really like to do something wrong, have it cost lives, have it speculated about with the deepest and darkest motives in a public display not be alive to deal with the questions or consequences and leave only your family and a few close friends to watch you get villified and answer what happened in your steed as you were dead.

RC I hope if you ever do something to injure someone no one who has pretended to be your friend or associate of years posts a vitriolic article on a social media site to ruin your reputation in perpetuity and the reputation your loved ones will have to deal with forever. I hope no one camps outside your wife's house with signs. I hope no one follows you to the store and shoves mikes in your face. I hope no one writes caustic things for all to read about you. He didn't sign up for that as Captain of the Bounty, nor did his family or friends and te pressure has been relentless for weeks.

It has been very difficult to watch all this knowing him and his loved ones.
Not easy to hold your tongue and anger as others speculated and took pot shots and ruined him. RC maybe I not process the same
control as you or others, but I stopped being able to take it anymore in this thread about post 20. I apologize or my lack of control.

This man was a humble nice man who erred in judgement and it cost someone's life and his own. Had he lived I know he would have had a hard time living with that. He would equally have had a hard time dealing with how his family has been treated. He was a gentle man who loved the sea, loved the mystery of the tall ships, loved his family and friends and loved seeing the people's faces who he turned on when the got on board his ship or he told the tall tales lots of captains do. He never ever would have meant anyone harm. But tht apparently does not count. I understand he was wrong o sail into the storm.

I am sure, Beleve me as he was slowly dying in the waters of the Atantic that day in his survival suit tht he thought about that, thought about the peril he put his crew in, thought about those who he was leaving behind friends and family and never once thought about himself. That's the type man Robin Waldridge really was. Not some egotistical self inflated fool. He paid the ultimate price he died a broken man. How terrible and how tragic.


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