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Originally Posted by hannah2 View Post
Wow, I remember when Jason Polakow arrived on Maui as a 16 year old from Austrailia. He came without his family but had their blessing, he had his own place, enrolled in high school and windsurfed. We thought he would be too young to sail the big winter north swell at Maui's Hookipa. But within his first winter he was among the very best. It is good to see he did not burn out like so many in those days did in the early 90's with booze and drugs.

Jaws in those days was just a dream, we knew it existed, we would go sit on the cliff in the cane field and watch it go off for hours. It was not till Laird Hamilton and the gang figured out you could use a jet ski to tow in and that was about 1993 that anyone was able to ride the wave. I believe it was Josh Angulo who was the first wind surfer to ride the wave.

For those who don't know that in order to surf or wind surf Jaws one must put his jet ski in the water about 15 miles from the break then find a way outside the surf line and travel down the coast. The put in place is a little cove and on big swell days there is always the chance a very large wave will come ashore all the way to where people park their jet ski trailers. I remember a few trucks and trailers were not in the parking lot when the guys got back to the cove.

Thanks PCP for the vid, I'm too old to ride them anymore but I still dream it and wake up muscles tense and pumped.

Surf was before my time. In Europe it arrived later and in the 60 and 70's what was hot was Spearfishing and we were all good at it. When the first Surfers start to appear (mostly Australians) on our spot we just drive them away hunting sharks and showing them around saying that they were killers

You know we dived in the middle of the waves in much the same spot they used to surf. We where used to the waves but having guys passing over at speed seemed just not right and it was really dangerous.

However with our generation spear-diving went out of fashion and the Surf come in. Actually that place is the best Surfing spot in Portugal and one of best in Europe. It is the place where is held the Portuguese round of the world surfing championship.

On the 80's long before I had saw a surfing kayak I learned to do the thing with a canoe and at best of my form I could stay all afternoon surfing without never capsizing the boat. I did not even used a rubber suit.

But that history about jaws surfing and brag about Maui's Hookipa waves, well we don't call them jaws but we have them bigger

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