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Re: An Informed Opinion about the Bounty

Of course I was using a bit of hyperbole in inferring that The Bounty could not sail. Anything driven by wind across the water, I suppose, could be said to "sail." The video of this boat in a storm showed me that the definition of "sailing," was quite different on this boat from what we consider sailing on our "toy" boats. The tremendous rolling under bare poles that the video demonstrated, IMO, clearly showed some dangerous design issues. She was barely maintaining a beam reach. Many of the square-rigged ships could make 2 points to weather and could heave-to. It does not look like the Bounty was even capable of heaving to. There is no way I would have stepped foot on that rig anywhere but at a dock. No amount of ballast in that shallow hull could have adequately lowered its center of gravity far enough. In redesigning the 33% larger hull, its draft should have been close to 18' with ballast 33% lower not the 13' that they made it. It was a prop and probably should have been scrapped after using as was the original plan or at least confined to tranquil bays and docks. This boat in no way resembled some of the real square riggers such as The USS Eagle in its ability to sail.
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