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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Light and strong is not an attribute that is good only on sailboats, many other type of boats have advantages to be light and strong and that's why so many boats are built in Aluminum in the US and everywhee.

Lets assume that aluminum is the best boat building material. It is light, strong, doesn't rust, reasonable cost. Clearly in a free market economy, a material like aluminum, given its great advantages must be the boat building material of choice.

So lets look at reality. Millions of millions of small aluminum boats have been built in the US and more being built every day. This means millions upon millions of consumers experienced with aluminum boats.

Like all boaters, these millions of small aluminum boat buyers dream of their next boat. And of course it will be bigger. Clearly these incredibly knowledgeable buyers represent millions of years of experience with aluminum boats.

And since they realize the fantastic advantages of aluminum boats they obviously buy another aluminum boat right?? Here is the problem, the number of manufacturers of aluminum boats drops to only a few for boats 25 feet and above. On the other hand, the number of fiberglass boat manufacturers is in the hundreds.

Clearly, the these boaters are buying fiberglass boats when they upgraded!!! And these buyers are clearly spending considerably more for the boat than if it were aluminum. Question then becomes, why are these millions of buyers not following the PCP economic model of aluminum boat buying? Why aren't they buying big aluminum boats?

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