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Re: An Informed Opinion about the Bounty

It might be easier to understand where you're coming from if you made clear your relationship to the captain. It appears now you are a close friend of the captain with intimate knowledge of him and you are reacting out of emotion. Before in the other thread you had only "met" him and he only "seemed" professional and knowledgeable, and you were clear that you were not defending him.-caberg

The content of what I say has nothing to do with emotion, thats an assumption which is completely false. My relationship with him and his family has northing to do with that. Unfortunately when you try and say good things about the Captain in the face of the tidal wave of public condemnation you are branded as "defending him". I dont defend his actions and have said that over and over

The tone in which I have been saying it which others have reacted to who know me is whats in question as it is not my usual way of posting. Thats what may be affected by my realtionship with the dead Captain. I reacted in a similar tone as others when I saw others tones which although may be understandable may not have been the correct thing to do according to some. They have taken offense at my tone and have chosen to look only at my posts while making excuses or allowing simimlar tones and indiscretions from others. Where I am at fault is getting into the pit and acting like the others i have criticised instead of standing on the mountain and looking down at them. My realtionship with the family got the best of me. I am only human and could take the denigaration of a kinds mans reputation so much and I know what his family has to and continually is enduring

I beleive my friend Captain Robin Walbridge was wrong from the beginning by sailing into the hurricane. I do not defended his actions or decisions related to that. He paid with his life and cost someone else theirs. Did that warrent the public flogging he has and continues to receive? Maybe. BUut only for his action of leaving I think. IMHO I dont beleive he deserves that and the picking apart of his statements and actions for the years preceeding this incident isnt correct either. He has been made out to be a pariah.

There are others who will be also held responsible for contributing to this incident including the company as well as the lack of liscencing or correct regulatoin. Thats what I beleive the investigation will turn up.

It is those items which are actionable and can be used as lesssons to lesson the chance of this happening again. The Captain deciding to leave...I dont know any way you could prevent that again and I dont know anyway you can determine why as he is dead and you cant ask him. He was a trained captain, years of experience, and made a horrendous decision. History and daily life is riddled with people who have and do that.

Very rarely do the individuals who make mistakes have to endure the public ridicule and questioning that Waldbridge has. I know this may anger my friend Minnie, but when a pilot makes an error which brings down a plane ( an it doesnt have to be a large one) I have not seen this kind of continued personal vicious reaction I have seen here. When a train engikneer crashes a train and kills dont see this. When a honest truck driver making a living doesnt stop and kills a family on an interste, no one is camping at his house or writing about it from across the sea and the country.

The reaction to this man, this quiet honest nice man is WAY disporportionate to what happened. IMHO Sigh...but is is the sign of how our society has become attacking a dead man and his grieving family and friends to satisfy their own needs to vent no matter what the hubris is.

Again I apoligize for my tone, but I dont apoligize for what I said and beleive.

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