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Re: An Informed Opinion about the Bounty

One thing I have not posted here which I guess I should. Like wingnwing I have been on the Bounty and met the captain. If someone asked me for a judgement of him, and this is a big time snap judgement, he seemed professional, knowledgeable about his ship, a teacher of others and dedicated to his responsibility for the ship and its crew.chef2sail
Thats what I said and from that I should have posted more? I was not misleading, dont feel I should be accused by any of you, and dont feel i have the right to make a judgement of him other than a snap judgement even though I was around him half a dozen times

So here is my story for the doubters ( pick away at it as I am sure you will)

My recollection times may not be truly correct.
I first met Robin when I was 40 or so and I had placed 4 seascouts in a program on a vessel of one week in the Florida Keys somewhere around 1993. He had spoke at workshop/ meeting I was attending in Philadelphia on motivating you teenages and adults. I was impressed with his kindness and what appeared to be a caring for kids. I felt he would connect with them easily. The boys came back after a week with him raving about him and idolizing him and what they had learned. I was then I vowed if I could expose my daughter ( a rteeneage) who enjoyed sailing to him I would.

I got the oppertunity in 1994 or so when I was contacted by him that he was working on the HMS Rose a ship built to replicate a real British warship and that he was doing sail training in New England. I spoke at length with him on the phone and then talked to my daughter and she was off for a week that summer to " learn" how to work on the ship. When I arrived with her at Newport we met the ship and I spent a nice evening with Captain Baily and FM Walbridge having a few drinks and a long converstaion about sailing, kids and other things. I felt fully confident trusting her with them for a week. MNy daughter raved about how much Robin had taught her about the sea and how patient he was.

Later my daughter went back with two of her girl friends for a 2 week sail down the East coast on the Rose. Robin was already on the Bounty.

Robin and exchanged letters occasionally and Christmas cards each year and I eventually met up with him ( and Claudia his wife) in Fall River, Mass. I spent 4 days on the ship with him just putzing around as the ship was undergoing some work.

In 1999 or aoround then my daughter met his stepdaughter Shelly wjile on a one week sail onboard the Bounty.

I saw Robin 2 more times...I think it was 2010 in Newburgh NY on the Hudson where I had dinner with him and once again in Wilmington NC of this year.

I dont claim to know this man well. I havent been around him dozens of times so I guess I am not qualified to judge his character/ I am not a cult follower as those who truly admired this man have been called. Just notice, that almost all of the people who have known this man have nothing bad to say about him. Oh maybe a few self serving professionals who may have resented him true, but the people who sailed with him...NADA. That alone should maybe be a clue into his character.

Not once have I really posted against anyone who said his decison was dumb, and cost the lives of both people and his ship. Where I find umberage has always been at the characterization of the captain as this reckless, idiot, unqualified, egotistical cult leader. Its not how I and others have found him who knew him casually as I did or more intimately who sailed with him.
He is characterized as caring, safety conscious, teacher and knowledgeable.

The man made an agregious mistake. It cost lives. Had he lived he probably would not be able to live with himself.

But I guess our society has come to this. We are a society of fingerpointers and always looking to find the worst in people and when we dont find it we either let the news media or our social media make it up and blow things out of porportion. Because we can we can sit home and run down people on line, call them liars, ruin their reputations without repudiation or even them fighting back. Funny when a living person fights back with the same tactics. they are called a hypocrite. Such is the rule of the mob.

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