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Re: Honda Guy Here...

I see you've explored all the options. I'm surprised they'll move the truck for a whole three gallons! State laws...criminal possession of fuel...sounds Orwellian, doesn't it? If you've got an warranty left on the engine, has Honda officially responded at all?

"most marinas" isn't quite right, in many states they're not allowed to sell pure gasoline no matter how nicely they ask. In some locations, the cost of the damned stuff makes it so uncompetitive, they choose not to, even if they are allowed.
Surely you guys have some kind of carb jet upgrade to send to Bob? Along with some engineer who wants to visit Arizona and install them?

Apparently the topic of low lead and unleaded and what geneal aviation aircraft can or will use for fuel, without falling out of the sky, is a real hotbed. From what I've heard the EPA wants no lead, and everyone else says that's a nice concept, but there's no way to keep those engines happy without lead.

I spoke to someone on a B17 crew (there's a few still flying) and asked him how the hell they snuck up behind me, because the aircraft can be oddly quiet for a four-engine bomber. He said mainly that was because the engines were all extensively detuned to run on modern avgas, they were putting out nowhere near the original rated power because today's gasoline just can't keep them happy that way.

"Well, it's an engineering problem that NOBODY has solved. "
When all the engineering problems get solved, there'll be no more need for engineers, will there?
There are always solutions to be found. Concrete can't be poured or cured below freezing. Except, the Russians had to deal with that and used antifreeze to make it happen. And when the North Slope oil fields were coming in an Alaska and the new pipelines being built, standard steel tools snapped like glass in the cold. New tool alloys had to be found. And they were.
First time I stepped on the brakes in a car after running through standing water, I stopped on the wrong side of the intersection. Hello, memo, drum brakes do not work when wet. Still, if someone sells an engine to a particular market and it can't work there...they need to step up and do something about that.

By the way, Sta-Bil and SeaFoam are very different products. Sta-Bil uses a "proprietary" secret ingredient which is probably an antioxidant. Seafoam is a mix of naphtha, alcohol, and light oil. Alcohol to blow away deposits, light oil to relube what the alcohol has made too clean, and naphtha because, well, that's the main ingredient in gasoline anyhow.

Regular pump gas is typically a witches brew of about 60 ingredients including some like butane and heptane that normally boil out at room temperature after a few weeks or months. So the engineers have a very full deck of cards to fool with.

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