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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by casey1999 View Post
The video I posted was taken Dec 2010 (2 years ago). This was after all of the work was done that you post above. This is from the poster of the video:
Uploaded by Marc Castells on Dec 15, 2010

"Sailing the Bounty II from Maine to Puerto Rico. In this video we're furling the fore-course sail because it's ripped up at one of the seams. We didn't get to finish because the fore-topmast snapped above us while we were aloft. You can see it hanging in the last few seconds. The royal yard is sitting on top of the t'gallant yard. I had to trim this video by 3 min for it to fit on youtube so if you actually watch it all the way through there will be some parts that skip. And again, the camera is tilted up a bit so you can't see what I'm doing with my hands but it makes for some cool shots of the bow while we're sailing."

If you look at the video at the very end, you will see the top mast broken and hanging, along with a lot of standing/running rigging. Lucky no one was injured. You wonder how the compelted the sail furl (as they state they did no finish because the top mast broke). In the video a lot of the rigging on the yard arm looks rusty (at the bolt connections). Imagine if the yard arm breaks loose with crew on it. If you pull up the video on youtube (not by watching on the posting), you will see all the interesting comments. Seems to me the "movie ship" Bounty was falling apart 2 years ago.

Search this on you tube to get the comments:
Furling fore-course sail on HMS Bounty and broken topmast
Casey, these boats were like that, they break a lot and need a lot of maintenance, specially in what regards smaller spars. That is why on the original Bounty crew (as in any other boat of that time) a carpenter and two helping hands (one of them qualified) were part of the crew. Some breakage was to be expected in any voyage.


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