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Re: kerosene stoves.. WHAT HAPPENED!

Originally Posted by sww914 View Post
Kerosene isn't cheap anymore, it stinks, it blackens the bottom of the pots. Propane is the fuel of choice around much of the world for a reason.
Cost: Just north of 4 bux a gallon in metropolitan NY Average Kerosene Prices - NYSERDA
Much less in many areas of the world. If your travels take you through Venezuela, you can fill your 50 gallon tank for a twenty, and get change, and you will be cooking away for years to come. Beat that!

Smell: nonexistent if properly pressurized. If your kero stove stinks, you are doing something wrong.

"Blackens pots" Same thing. Only if you don't know how to operate it (not exactly rocket science: you did not preheat long enough)

"Propane fuel of choice around much of the world" Poppycock. Did you ever try to refill a propane bottle outside your home country? S'ppose not.

And of course you find kero anywhere in the world, it is the cooking fuel used by more people (billions) than any other. And if for some reason the gas station close to the port does not carry it, just go to any airport and buy jet fuel A; same thing.
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