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ARC- Racing divison / Fy 61

On the ARC race the highlight goes to that POGO 50, with the designer and builder both making part of the five members crew, that is in direct fight with the JP52 to the 4th place in real time (the second is a Swan 80 and the third will be a Fy61). The JP52 is not only an incredibly expensive boat as it has also a canting keel and that, if we take into consideration the swing keel of Pogo, should give it a big advantage, since both boats are very light and have very adequate type of hulls for a transat.

Amazingly the Pogo has recovered distance over the JP52 and they are now side by side going for the Finnish line.

Another incredible fight is between a small Grand Soleil 43, a production boat and an expensive, even if some years older, racing Farr 60ft design, the Carroll Marine 60. The Grand Soleil come charging from behind and managed to catch the 60ft. Will he manage to overtake the bigger boat? They are fighting probably for the 8th place in real time and I suspect that the GS43 is the only one that has a chance to take the first place in compensated time from Vaquita, the 40class racer that arrived 1th in real time.

But today I will focus in another boat with a very good performance and a boat that is not known by many, a great cruising boat a Felci design, the Fy 61 that is arriving third in real time.

Let's have a look:

I have said many times that most of the boats I post here, even if I consider them great designs and very suitable to cover some market segments, are not boats that suit my sailing program or life style, or particular taste. This one would, I mean if I was really a rich guy

Ok, I like the interior division and the way the keel box is kept out of the way but I don't like the interior design. That would not constitute any problem for me since I would have liked to design my own interior and I am quite sure they would have not any problem with that since this is a semi-custom boat. I am living now on my 3th house designed by me and one of the things it pisses me is not having enough money to have a boat with my own interior design, so that would not have been a problem at all, but a real opportunity.

Regarding what I like on this Felci design, well, taking out the interior, all: It is obviously very fast even on a race that will not reveal all its potential (it is not like the Pogo 50 a boat designed specially with downwind sailing in mind), it is relatively narrow, I am sure it will have a very easy motion, its a a very powerful boat with a huge RM and certainly a big AVS. A very seaworthy boat that would show all its potentialities upwind with heavy weather.

That very good stability is obtained not with a huge ballast (that would be detrimental to performance) but by a very reasonable B/D ratio for a keel with all the ballast on a torpedo 33%. I mean this would be good for a boat with a 2.30m draft, it is HUGE for a boat with 4.00m draft like this one.

For a cruising boat a 4.00m draft does not makes sense so this one can lift the keel till having a very reasonable 2.00m draft and even with that draft it can sail safely, if needed, with reduced sail. When he goes offshore he just turns on the turbo and let that ballast go 2.00m more deep.

Of course, all this makes this boat a very expensive boat, but for the ones that can afford it, what a boat


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