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Re: Salon cushion redo

Originally Posted by dsullyec1 View Post
Hi Guitarguy,

Do you have pics of your settees? I would love to see them. How do you put the foam in sterilization? That stumped me. Yes, Faster's salon looks very nice. Love the color of their settees and was thinking of going that color as well, but we're going for white. We need to lighten up our salon as it seems kinda' dark in there. Our cushions are square, too. Is there a way to make them curved? I don't know how to do that. Would like to see how you did that trick with the velcro. Are you close by Kemah, TX? Probably not, but thought I'd ask.

Thanks for the feedback.
Dsulley... very easy to sterilize the cushions and steaming or moisturizing them is not going to kill mold and or it's spores... what I did was get the largest plastic bin you can get a hold of and put the cushions in and use one pool chlorine tablet or pool shock and one whole bottle of pine-sol cleaner and let them sit for several days, I let mine sit a week... then rinse them at least 3 times to remove all traces of chlorine/pine-sol, then wring them as best you can and put them one at a time in the 'spin cycle' only of your washer and try to keep them balanced so the machine doesn't go out of balance... once done in the spin cycle I put them one at a time in the low to medium heat setting of the dryer (best is large commercial dryers) or put them in the sun (best) for a day and that's it... no steaming ever is going to make them fresh and new as washing them in the chlorine/pine-sol mix... I don't have photo posting privileges yet so when I do will post photos of the cushions and the Velcro closeout... like I said they are very soft to the touch for the first couple of inches and dreamlike when sleeping on.

I forgot... yes it is very easy to round the corners of the cushions... mine were square and now have the soft round edges... it has to do with how the fabric is cut and sewn, but I'll show you with photos of the seams, then the polyester fill will help soften the square edge of the foam when inserted into the cushion cover. Avoid zippers, they are expensive, troublesome, and prone to rust.

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