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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by MarkofSeaLife View Post
Look at it this way, if there is ever a jury selected to judge the facts of this matter they won't be seafarers... They will be "normal" people from city's, towns, farms, factories far removed from the sea... And they will be instructed by a judge whose longest voyage was the ferry to Coney Island.
But we will know that they will do a,pretty good job in resolving issues we are arguing about.

Or I hope so anyway!
Yes, we always hope that. Sadly, the rules of the court and the occasional incompetence of a lawyer work against that outcome.

Originally Posted by lancelot9898 View Post
After all is said and done...I still say to just follow the money.
I agree. If, as it has been reported, one of the generators wasn't working, why not? If Walbridge was the captain he's been reported to be, one would think he'd be asking the owners for the money to fix whatever he couldn't or at least to supply the money for the parts so he could fix it.

Christian said they were always fussing over the engines. On a well kept vessel (and everyone who knew it said it was costly to keep it up, that's why Turner got rid of it) there wouldn't be any need to always fuss over the engines if they were kept in good working order. It seems more likely they were kept in barely working order. For a conscientious captain, that's usually due to lack of funds.

But what I find curious is while practically the entire world is saying the chosen path of the ship was suicidal, not one of the crew thus far has criticized Walbridge for taking that path.

In the ABC interview, John Svendsen said, "I give my life to Robin, to the ingenuity, to his leadership, that I'm here today." When I heard that I couldn't believe my ears. I understand respecting the dead but saying such a thing is so contrary to the fact that if Walbridge hadn't made the decision he had Svendsen wouldn't have been donning an immersion suit. He wouldn't have been thrown into 30' seas in gale force winds. He wouldn't have had to rely on "the ingenuity" of his captain in putting strobes on the immersion suits that called attention to the CG. And he wouldn't have been pulled out of the ocean by a helicopter during a hurricane. So to say, "I give my life to Robin" seems very strange.

Every crew member so far has been quiet about criticizing the captain. Walbridge did something no one in their right mind would have done (and no one else did), he sailed into the direction of a monstrous hurricane, already predicted to be the mother of all storms for the northeast coast. Maybe they are under order not to speak factually about the captain but to say, "I give my life to Robin"
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