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Vendee Globe

And Alex have lost this time some miles and two places. My first idea was that he had troubles and then I checked the millage for the last 24: 19.9K and the millage om the last hour: 19.4K....odd, everything seems ok.... then I checked jean-Pierre average on the last 24h: 21.5K and Stamm over 24h:20.7K.

DRAG RACE I tell you!!!!!

and they were not the faster, François, that has been the faster and is all over Armel, has done on the last 24h and average of 22.3K speed and a new 24 hour world record for solo sailing: 532Nm in 24h that is over 22K for a full day and night, sleeping and all

Vendée Globe 2012-2013 - Tracking

For the first time I heard Armel complaining that this crazy rhythm is too high and that they have still a long way to go. I guess that the strategy of this 5 is to bet on a drag race till there is only one surviving boat (or the others slow down) because I don't believe the boats (or they) can take this rhythm for much longer.

One of them was complaining that he could not stand up on the boat, he had to move on hands and feet, other was complaining he just managed to eat peanuts and energy bars and I wonder what is to try to have some rest on those conditions, having to have always a look at the boat and sails, not to mention the wild ride.

Look at Armel going and consider the François is going faster

Belle allure sur Banque Populaire por VendeeGlobeTV

Armel is starting to show concern about this mad drag race:

Armel Le Cléac’h (FRA, Banque Populaire):

I think I’m doing great in terms of performance. I can see MACIF on my AIS. My average speed is about 20 knots but he’s obviously been faster. Congratulations on his 24-hour record! 23 knots of average speed is really something, maybe he’s taken a bit more risks. Same for the skippers right behind, but so far they’re doing ok. I’m focusing on my own race, not the others’, and there’s still a long way to go anyway.

Christopher is right, life on board in such a context is not really easy. The deck is drenched, there’s humidity everywhere, even inside, because you’re very wet when you get in. It’s pretty cold, too. And this is all quite stressful, even though the sea isn’t too rough. It’s difficult to sleep, you always want to keep an eye on things.


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