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Re: An Informed Opinion about the Bounty

Originally Posted by swampcreek View Post
Don't let him bother you. He even admits he is a redneck."

You say redneck like it's a bad thing!

Anyway, I jumped on board to say in support of Chef that politically we're really far apart but I consider him a friend and although we might do a friendly brush up here and there we do have in common among others things this wonderful thing called sailing. I often see Chef as we cross paths in Rock Creek and I'm happy to wave to him. I met him personally at MYC at last years Sailnet gathering and had a great time. So there Chef! You have now been supported by a redneck who actually has a "God Guns and Guts" bumper sticker on his big Ford truck, that is if you can read it through the black diesel smoke when I throttle up for yellow lights!...Sleep tight neighbor!

Just to clear up any confusion many think redneck means racist...thats liberal BS!
Here is Definition of Red Neck from Wikipedia:
Note also that definitions change over time and also different people have different definitions of what a word means (as explained in the wikipedia definition). People also define a definition.

In any case, you probably are a "Fake Redneck"From:
Urban Dictionary: fake-redneck

"1. Fake Redneck:
People who aren't truly rednecks, but more like guys who come from city/suburban to wealthy environments who will buy a truck, listen to country music and brag about "being a redneck." You can tell that they look up to people like Ron White and Larry the Cable Guy as some sort of guidence reference on how to be a redneck. They are generally all-talk, and they tend to always talk about their truck, hunting, their gun collection, country music, and the like.
FR: "So we were listening to some Toby Keith while we were muddin' in ma truck and we saw some deer and we shot them summbitches...."
Normal Person: "Oh shut the **** up you fake redneck, you're from Maryland."

2. Fake Necks 5 up, 5 down
Fake Rednecks or guys who dress up and pretend to be cowboys/rednecks to pick up girls who dig country boys.

Also guys who arent country but try to act country in order to impress girls who say they dig cowboys but dont really want to date a redneck.
Monica really likes to pick up those preppy cowboys at the bar, she is really into fake necks."

A true redneck would be driving a gas powered pickup, not diesel...
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