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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post

Quote PCP:
Sometimes I think, that you did not learn anything with this thread and did not really changed opinion regarding the first statements you have made here.

Beleive it or not, I dont think I can learn anything from you in regards to the Bounty nor did anyone apoint you the authority or teacher here. While you are somewhat of a good reasource on boats you have shown to be less than knowledgeable about many other subjects I have seen you post about. You continue to post these giant posts of other statements or authors and consider them fact. They are not fact sir.

Also even if you were somewhat of an authority on something its very difficult to get past your ridiculing others oppiniopns by calling them stupid and many other words. In your last post alone is an example.
jesus Dave, I am not talking about learning with me, I am talking about learning with all contribution made on this thread that lead to a consensual opinion. I certainly have learned with this thread and that's why I am still around.

I didn't call stupid to anybody: I have said the captain made a stupid statement not that he was stupid. Maybe you not but most along our lives had said stupid things, things that only later and because we are not stupid we found that they would only qualify as that. That don't makes us stupids.

A professional Captain saying that a XVIII century design wooden boat would be safer sailing a Hurricane than being in port, specially considering the safety of the crew, that should be the most important to any captain, is a pretty stupid thing to say.

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post

Quote PCP:
Operator error on the pumps???? if someone on that boat deserves credit is Barksdale, the one responsible by engines and pumps working.

And you know this how, by his own statement. Did it ever occur to you it was self serving? He admitted turning one off.
He said that he had turned it out for maintenance. Why the hell do you think he have stropped a generator in the middle of a storm to make maintenance except it the thing needed it urgently otherwise it would blow apart?

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post

It seems that you don't read what is posted on this thread. Barksdale had stated that the pumps were clogged and that they, including the Captain were despairingly trying to unclog the pumps.

And he said he never saw the Captain.
Dave, go back to the article and read it better. He says he did not saw the Captain when the boat was sinking and we went up to the deck and says:

Barksdale was being overwhelmed in the engine room and other crew members, including Walbridge and Svendsen, rushed to spell him, trying to keep the pumps free of clogging debris.

FOCUS: HMS Bounty's burial at sea - Fall River, MA - The Herald News

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post

And I am saying that because unlike what you are saying this was not an isolated incident, it was just the one where he run out of luck. He was taking unreasonable risks with that boat and the crew for a long time

Prove it

What you are saying here is really based on some of the other statements made in the past and your humble opinion that you neleive that he was reckless in the past.
Dave it seems that you have to re read the thread: He said that he had sailed hurricanes, his wive had said he had sailed on hurricanes the crew said that he had sailed hurricanes, the bounty organization said that the Bounty had sailed hurricanes.

It seems that none of them seemed to see anything wrong in sailing hurricanes or sail near them with a wooden XVII century designed boat, the captain even had that strange idea that that the Bounty had no limits and accordingly they all consider that the Captain was not reckless but a great sailor.

However in In my opinion, that is sustained by much more knowledgeable opinions, sailing a ship like a Bounty in a hurricane or near it is an irresponsible act and a very unsafe thing to do. The Captain had done it not one time, but several times and that was reported by several credible sources. This makes this incident not an isolated one but just the one where the Captain run out of luck. It also shows a repeated reckless behavior of the Captain in what regards ship and crew safety. This make him a reckless captain.

Why do you think poor Claudene stated that "Bounty loved hurricanes" before being in one with the ship?



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