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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

In a court of law, hearsay is inadmissible. Evidence by eyewitnesses is usually given more weight over everything else. Expert testimony is always given more weight over other testimony. Interpretation is given weight based on who is doing the interpretation. It's the same for opinions.

But above all else is fact, not assumptions. At this point we don't have enough facts to be able to say why the captain set sail into the direction of a hurricane. We don't even know if the crew was aware of the potential of the hurricane. We only have supposition. It's possible the crew can provide facts but they can never say what the captain was thinking unless he told them directly. As of this writing, I know of no crew member who has made any statement regarding the captain's state of mind.

A serious human flaw is the almost inherent quality to be unable to repeat verbatim, to another person, what someone has just told them. That's why hearsay is inadmissible in court. For this discussion, we need quotes, and that means from the people on the dock who talked to captain and crew prior to departure and from the crew directly. What we THINK is only that: what we think.

The only people who can shed any further light on this subject are the crew and people who spoke with Walbridge at or around the time he was in New London or during the time he was at sea. I have not heard of there being anyone other then the crew who communicated with Walbridge once they cast off.

So that really leaves the crew and thus far they have not said one disparaging word about Robin Walbridge, that I know of. If and when there comes a time that they do, we will know who is right here and who isn't, provided what they have to say relates to this discussion. Until then we can't know. All we have are our opinions. It's better for all when we remember that.
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