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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by casey1999 View Post
I agree, but it does give us a perspective into the mindset of some of these square rigger sailors, and maybe some of the crew (and maybe Captain) aboard the movie ship "Bounty".

I also thought it was interesting that the apparent high wind tactic aboard some tall ships is to furl the sails and start the engines.
He states that he had been in a somewhat similar situation:

Freeman: Yes. I was sailing on Lake Heron, and we actually – we were up by the dock, and we actually left to dock to head out into a squall that was coming in. For the same reasons, you don’t want to be close to anything the ship can be dashed against. So we sailed out into it, and we were actually moving very, very quickly, because we had to sails up. So I had to go up and help furl up the sails, and I remember and I even have a photo of this -that the ship was beyond a 45 degree angle on its side heeled over because there was so much wind on the sail. And I was on the leeward side, and I remember that it wasn’t that I could literally reach out and touch the water, but at one point it was heeled over so much that I felt like I was going to fall off into the water because it was that close and it was heeled over that much.

But this is just a squall, not an hurricane and almost took the ship down (these are not like our sailboats, a 45 angle is a very dangerous angle of heel for one of these boats).

I guess we can expect to hear all opinions but this is just a sailor with experience in tall ships. We have heard the opinions of several tall ship captains that said that the Bounty should have not sailed out and none from a tall ship Captain saying otherwise.

Casey regarding storm tactics and sails on a tall ship I don't know, I guess it depends on the intensity of the wind. But the boat had no engines anymore and we have heard a crew man stating that the boat become uncontrollable after the storm sail that they were using to control the boat was blown away.


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