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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

You going to PROVE your relationship and fill us in on this special knowledge of Walbridge?
You serious

Even Paulo who I dont agree with much in this thread rebuked you.

Is true that Dave is many times hostile without a reason to be, or at least I see it that way, but I don't like your post.Why should you or anybody doubt that Dave knew Bounty's Captain?- PCP
Did you ask that of wingnwing when she said she met the captain? I have to pass YOUR litmas test? You...who has absolutley no credibility. Why would I say it if it was not true? Post my e mails between us....silly boy you have lost it, post pictures...silly boy you have lost it more. Some on here have actually met me in person and spent time with me. First hand knowledge of a person again.

I knew the Captain. I said I had met him on more than one occasion. I never said anything about a special relationship, those are your words of hyperbole. Suffice it to say my statements about the Captain are reflected by others who knew him and have been interviewed. You cant seem to digest that can you. The have NO NEGATIVES You cant refute it either. Again note this is FIRST HAND opinions of those who have met or served under him.

So again what we have here in your case specifially is you...( I hate to go back to this but I guess I must) sitting in front of your first hand knowledge, no facts other than what you read, pleanty of interpretation and conspiracy theories dreamed up in your own mind creating all sorts of opinions in your "dark ngative" room.

On the other side, you have eye witnesses, people who knew Walbridge for years, people who entrusted their lives with Walbridge, people who were aquantiances ( me) people who wre professionally involced with him....and they all say the same thing....which when comapred with what you say about Walbridge....makes your opinions about Walbridge look like a load of crap. Read JulieMors post it puts it in maybe better perspective than I can.

Now who has the credibility behind you computer with little sailing knowledge or the people who have sailing knowledge wirtht him directly and knew him first hand....duh

I think it is your hostility that has begun to show through. Actually your posts in respoinse to mine since the smallboatlover thread have a distinct pattern to them/

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