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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...


His overstepping was really a questioning of integrity, and you sought to chastise me and minimize his indescretion. Clearly you are biased..enough said about it. Your opinion is noted.

Back to the thread.....the Bounty.

While more and more first hand knowledge and opinions about Captain Walbridge have started surfacing, it appears that almost every one of them paint him as a respectable, knowledgeable, dedicated Captain who for the most part was deidcated to safety of his crew and vessel. FIRST hand interviews have said this time and time again. Interviews with surviors of the ordeal paint him still with a realatvely positive reference. Other people have come forward who knew the Captain or met him first hand have spoken as to his qualities and almost all of them paint him in the same light. These are the facts. They are irrefutable.

So we are looking for lessons to be learned from this. Well I want to include another one. Rushing to judge someone, without questioning the people around them who have first hand knowledge of the person, without questioning the survivors of the incident who paint a differing story of the Captain but the same as the people who knew him is just plain unforgiveable.

I have from the very beginning supported and been able to support those of you who found extreme fault with the decision to leave the dock into the hurricane. I have never thought that this was anything but an aggregious mistake and poor judgement in this instance and that he should ultimately be held responsible as the Captain is for this decision. This responsibility holds even if they find contributing factoprs ( design, pumps, engines, strycture, ballast etc.). He is responsible.

What I cannot support and find dehumanizing is the attck mode some of you have been on to paint this man as a crazy, suicidal, cult leader with little experience or reagrd for his fellow man. Some have very agressively keep accusations about the Captain on incidents other than this one where there were never any questions or charges ever. The only people thinking this way are the attackers. Its like they dont want to admit that even a good Captain, knowledgeable in his craft can make a bad mistake and error in judgement. Sometimes good people do bad things. Sometimes we do.

But for ALL OF US amateur slueths to go on a continual witchhunt directed always back to Walbriodge analayzing structuire and displacement changes, failed pumps for who knows what real reason, pumps may be independent of the motors and any number of technical issues which I would be none of us have expertise in should really be left up to the experts as the constant comjecture and speculation is nothing but that. Some even have mistaken the difference between a fact and their fact which is really an opinion. Having the right to have an opinion is what this forum is about. No opinion really is right or wrong its yours, but thats how it should be stated. SloopJonB and Jon Eisberg are very carefull when stating things as their opinion to note that. What is dangerous is for some newbie to come along and here some spouting outlandish unporved accusations and hypothesis as facts. The initial group of Walbridge rebutation bashers have had to retreat back to where we should have started in the beginning before the hysteria started to questioning the other facts surrounding this. But they were so intent on thorttling those who supported the Captain as a qualified man who made a mistake, they lost sight of what really happened. Now the survuors and the people who new him speak up...and the bashers really have no credibility compared to them.

There will always be questions about his sailing in hurricanes ( if he truly did or it was just a boast), but up until the day he left the dock in New London I have yet to see any evidence/ opinion / post/ citation accusing him of being reckless, suicidal, cult leader etc. All of these accusations or theories have come after the sinking of the Bounty. As I said early on a Rush to Judgement is dangerous as it can lead you to form opinions which really cannot be substantiated with backup facts .

Some of you cant seem to comprehend that these people wont say bad things about him. You continue bashing by saying they must have a reason not to....why cant they see what I see from behind my computer. There must be a conspiracy with ALL of them including the people who have known him and sailed with him for years to not say something bad here. Simplicity is the truth.\\

IMHO the reason we, and I include myself with those who were aquaintances as I was, are stunned by this, stunned to think this really good man with all this experience would make a decision to leave in the face of a hurricane. We are stunned with the inexpliticity of it. It is so out of character as to seem surreal is did it and is gone.

Some of you who have remained mostly silent and quiet may also have come to this conclusion as his friends have. You have not been blinded by a rush to judge and it shows a real strength in your character and sense of fair play. I cant say I have stood with you as I stand accused of judgimg those who judged him which makes me just as bad as them. I have posted out of defense of him, sometimes in a way which was as bad as the bashers which therefore makes me hypocritical. My good freind Mainsail pointed this out to me. Others have also through PMs I agree I am guilty of that. For that I apoligize. I thanks those of you who wrote that to me also, for making me look at myself. Lets see how many of the others apoligoize now for rushing to judgement or will the continual to defend their actions forever.

Robin was a good kind, smart, experienced boastfull, teacher and 17 year Captain of the Bounty.
This good man screwed up big time. It happens we are all humans. His was cost lives including his own, it cost his good reputation of over 25 years, gone in the instant of a bad decision. As I said sometime good people do bad things. Lets not make him out to be this ogre cult leader who was really suicidal in nature who wanted to put people in danager all the time. Doesnt ring true with the truth. Lets just agree that he screwed up and is responsible which unfortunatley we cant predict or correct in the future because GOOD PEOPLE DO BAD THINGS SOMETIMES

Lets see if we can continue to find some of the thigs we can chance to prevent what happened to the Bounty once they were out there in trouble. One thing I cansay is that he trained his crew extremely well what to do in an emergency...that is why they almost all survived. It also goes back as an indication of his underlying commitment to the crew and safety. Why he did thta and thenleft the dock the ultimate unsafe thing to do I cant explain and neoither can anyone else.

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