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Re: An Informed Opinion about the Bounty

Originally Posted by RobGallagher View Post
Again, and again, in reading the letter it appears the author has suffered a personal loss. Can't that just be respected?

Myself and another member both posted a copy at nearly the same time, although mine was second I still feel somewhat responsible. It was posted simply so that members who did not have a facebook account could read it.

I'm starting to feel sorry that I got involved.

Call it what you want, but, it's obviously about pain and expression. It's distressing that some of us cannot identify that and let it be.
Got to agree with you Rob , I read the last thread on the Bounty and tried to read all of this on too but only made it to post 32 or so ......

I know this man who wrote that letter on facebook (no not personally) and someone reposted here , reading it sent me realing .....I have just such a letter in the left inside pocket of my jacket written in 1981 damn near statment for statment just substitute Bike/Chopper/Motorcycle where ever he says Boat/Ship/Slowboat it reads the same ....The man is hurting........

I wrote that letter for myself just because I couldnt tell my friend/ brother what I wanted to YELL at him , he was dead......Why ! we were the best ! hell we tought Motor Cops how to ride for pete's sake ! how to throw a dresser down at highway speeds & PICK it back up AT SPEED & keep persuit! it's not hard just boils down to skill and YEARS of practice , hell he knew that as well as I so Why????and on and on as you might imagine.... But there wasnt anyone else to say it to , after screaming at the walls and yelling at the stars all what I wanted to say & the neighbors starting to thing I was nutz ! .....I just had to sit down and write it out and put it in my pocket and felt better and was able to go on with my life & it's been there all these years.

So I say cut the man some slack....... YOU ARE ALL to close to all this YOUR SAILORS ... this kind of stuff hits ya right where ya live hell in days of old there were men and then there were Sailors & thay were considerd better men , This bothers yall cause the longer you sail the better one gets & Masters ! hell thay ought to know it all right? ...hes just a man ....

As an Systems Analyst I know anything could of happened and the world may never know what really happened ..... physics alone may be at work ...water being at a different state/speed rudder won't act normal ? , sails fail ? heck it matters not . All that matters is 2 ppl dead and a movie prop is gone . ya I've worked in hollywood a bit in my day , that Bounty certinly wasnt any where near a ship of the line kind of build of ship ... and that might actullay be it......

Sorry if this is OT I wont be reading anymore of this guya come to internet blows all too eazy...

There is no right way to do the wrong thing
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