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Vendee Globe

And those two continue their mad sprint they are practically side by side, now is Armel that is leading with only 1.2Nm advantage. It seems nobody else can sustain that mad rhythm and slowly these two are isolating themselves at the head of the race.

Vendée Globe 2012-2013 - Tracking

I had a good laugh with this statement made by François:

"My current speed is 19-22 knots, it’s moving a lot on board, there are violent shocks sometimes, but you get used to them. Same for the speed, you get used to what it feels like on board at high speed and after that, you stop noticing, you can really get used to everything…"

Si I guess he is replyng to ny question about how can they live like that

François Gabart (FRA, MACIF):
These are amazing moments, the boat is gliding so fast and effortlessly, I’m so happy with these past two days, the conditions are just great.

Nothing is easy, though, the Vendée Globe is one of the hardest events in the world, there are technical problems and dangerous situations. But in the middle of those, you have magical moments, like what I’m experiencing right now. There have been difficult times, too, in the Crozet gate area, you’re alone on the boat to change and set sails, you’re exhausted, the conditions are bad and they keep changing and still, you just don’t progress that much so it’s very frustrating.

Armel Le Cléac’h (FRA, Banque Populaire):
François and I have seen seeing each other on our AIS for 24 hours now. It’s a nice way to check my speed is good enough!

Winds will get stronger and stronger throughout the day, I’ll need to manoeuvre and get ready for the depression and tomorrow’s conditions in order to be as efficient as possible. There’s an intense fight for the lead of the race, even though we may sound quiet and relaxed on the phone. But our daily life isn’t that easy, you know.

Our routes are quite similar, with François, I’ve actually seen François this morning as his boat wasn’t far from mine. But you can’t stay outside too long because of the water splashing all over the place.

So far we’ve been quite fast compared to four years ago, but then the icebergs and the ice gates have changed a lot of things so it’s difficult to say what the winner’s final time will be.

Even Frank Cammas (recently elected French yachtsman of the year) is really impressed with those two guys and he is not one easily impressed:

Franck Cammas (FRA, skipper):

I’m in awe of what the Vendée Globe skippers have been achieving lately, their speed is amazing, it’s an incredible performance for solo sailors. In 15 years, the monohulls have caught up with the multihulls from the 1990’s in terms of performance. I just can’t believe François Gabart actually said he had never slept as well as he did yesterday! He’s unique. .

On a side line, Sam Davis had made under jury rig her way to Sables d' Olonne...She had 15 000 people waiting for her and 60 boats to escort her on the water....What can I say...I bet some were sailors bit it seems most were just common people, lots of kids and women too, all wanting to say : We love you Sam, better luck on the next time

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