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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

sparklepl3nty, for the most part, what you wrote, and I read every word, didn't surprise me. It sounded a lot like the land based working world. "Keep your mouth shut if you want a job." I'm not saying Walbridge was like that but, like you said, those things can go through someone's head when they are thinking of criticizing the boss.

That speaks to the mentality of keeping quiet to CYA so common in the working world. Ten people can trash talk a boss and it will be they who find themselves out of a job. But one boss can destroy the reputation of as many people he or she wants and it will rarely affect the job status of that boss. I've been on both sides of that fence so I know what I'm talking about.

What did surprise me was your statement about the general knowledge in the TSC to stay away from the Bounty and the relief felt my many in the community when Miles posted his letter on FB. Miles got pretty well trashed here for doing that.

When you apply that CYA mentality to the crew of the Bounty and the situation they were faced with at the dock when Walbridge told them of his plans to sail towards Sandy, one can just imagine what went through the minds of the crew. It wouldn't surprise me if they swallowed hard, crossed their fingers and stepped aboard hoping for the best.

Practically all the crew of the Bounty is on Facebook and not one has posted anything negative about the Bounty or its captain. There are many others on FB who have crewed on Bounty and they too have nothing bad to say about the ship or the captain, even the ones no longer working in the TSC.

We're in tough economic times. Combine that with the lure of the sea many of us have, the romanticized images that may float through one's head just looking at these majestic tall ships and the desire to sail a tall ship, and it's easy to see how someone who crews on a tall ship would feel it wise to speak nothing negative about their experiences or their captain.

But, if that is in fact the case here, that silence cost the loss of ship and crew and will probably do so again unless regular inspections become mandatory. I fear the odds of that are very slim. The only other option is for those who have knowledge of poorly maintained vessels or reckless leadership to report that to the proper authorities. If the TSC is anything like the regular working world, there's almost no chance of that happening either.

Thank you for your insight, your honesty and your willingness to speak out.
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