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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Thank you for comming back and replying and giving us a further glimpse into what you saw.


I am actually quite suprised you have never heard of Witchcraft before. She is a staple of the classB tall ships in the Baltimore area and is berthed in my marina 2 slips from me. She participates yearly in all of festivals in the area and many times over the years and now accompanied both the Pride of Baltimore and the Pride of Baltimore II in events on the Chesapeake. I beleive you mention you sailed on Both. The Captain of the Witchcraft also served on both Prides. He knows the Captain of the pride II and he knew Walbridge even. We spoke about this a week ago and I spoke with him today and showed him your post. Thats why I though you may have certainly run accross him as the Tall ship community here in the Chesapeake is a small one and they do a lot of travelking toigether to many of the festivals on the Chesapeake together.. You are correct that it is now a personal yacht and does not take passangers .

From your post it seems as though one of the things you are saying here is that this underfunded vessel, staffed by mostly green sailors was kind of a train wreck waiting to happen. Even the most basic seaman amongst us know about slacking lines through tidal changes and the effect on lines of a tidal change. In one way it sounds as if those who were on the Bounty were trying to live the dream of the Tall Ship era without the proper vessel, training and funding.

It almost sounds from what you say that them even taking this vessel out of the harbor is something they were not really qualified for by your description of dock lines and the thru hulls. No wonder you had no confidence in allowing your friends to board her in any way other than the dock. I guess she should have just stayed a dockside attraction some
where and not moved. Wow and to think this veessel went accross the Atlantic, San Diego, Peurto Rico with all this potential critical stuff just waiting to be exposed and sink her.

You and your associates on the well funded tall ships must have joked and talked about the Bounty in amazement and worried all the time that she would self destruct due to her green crew inability to handle the most basic of operations, or the lack of managerment of the vessels maintainence. You probably are not suprised that she sunk and assumed some tragedy would eventually befall her sooner or later...Sandy or not. The other TSC boats propbablky though it was grossly unfair all the regulations/ certifcations you had to undergo, while the Bounty went many places and didnt have to go through the same paces. They essentially got a free ride while you were under a microscope/

I bet she was a true embarrassment to the rest of the "real" tall ships in terms of professionalism as she really wasnt of the same ilk, and caliber and discipline or esprit de cor that you had on the "real" tall ships. She was truly the ugly ducking who called her self a tall ship but in your and others minds was really a wannabe tall ship and was just acting the part. It propably miffed many that the Bounty received so much attention and admiration from people because in your mind and the other TSC community she was really not of the same class as your ships. In your minds she was truly just a movie prop, not built to be a working tall ship like the Pride of Baltimore and Pride 2, which you sailed on or many of the other tall ships.

But as you have said the ship because it is reallly a large personal yacht in terms of classifcation does not have to pass any real CG or stringent inspections. Had this just been any other yacht which had sank, it propably would not have had the noteriety.

People do stupid things on ships and boats far worse with more loss of life than two people and dont get nearly the noteriety and play in the press as the Bounty has. Even her in the shark tank of sailnet, the Bounty has had so many permutations as to cause and hypothesis that havent been afforded other ships or vessels which have sunk. It may beg back to a questuion to which JulieMor asked in the beginnning, why does this Bounty evoke so much response?

No wonder you and some in the TSC now want to distance your self from them. I guess you couldnt when they were alive as you were collegues and didnt want to be tagged with being jealous of the publicity and noteriety this wannabe tall ship received. Also you want people to know that you have more stringent qualifications as far as crew and condition of your ships. You are the serious tall ships after all and the Bounty was just playing at it.

Maybe you could go back to some of your frriends and have them post similarly as you or at least come forward some way annonomously to weigh in on this Bounty in this or other forums. Now that you have made it apparent that she really was the outcast, the black sheep of the tall ship community, there shouldnt be any type of black listing or retributions from telling the truth as you indicate most in the TSC beleive as you did.. By doing this maybe you would all be doing this to prevent a similar situation from occuring again and can save lives.

It seems as though this poster indicates it was inevitable that something would happen to the Bounty every time she left the dock. Sailing off into a hurricane insured that it happened that day.

Again thank you for posting. You as a first hand account and professional of this TSC certainly are a breath of fresh air in this thread where lots of conjecture and hypothesis without first hand knowledge have been swirling. Its great to receive a post firsthand,
Your posts so far having given me another way of looking at this terrible tragedy.

Feel free to continue to add where you think you can without putting yourself in a compromising position.


The above are your words. sparklepl3nty said exactly what is posted under sparkle3nty. Why is it necessary to play the game of restating/overstating what the poster has said. So if the poster answers more questions, amateur "Columbos" will not be satisfied, and will ask more until they can identify the person. And then someone who feels strongly about the Bounty will likely go to the tall ship community and get the poster blackballed. Maybe the poster has already given too much information.

Along that line, why would you show the post to the captain of Witchcraft? And even asking about the Witchcraft seems like a trick question, but I could be wrong.
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