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Re: This Ought to Keep Me Busy...

Chapter 1: Getting the Beast Home

Not too many pics here, so please accept the descriptions and let your mind's eye paint the picture.

The first thing I did was to strip the engine of all the major external components. Since I'd pulled the transmission late last spring, the engine was pretty much bob-tailed anyway. I left the bellhousing on since the rear engine mounts are bolted to it (more on this design feature later in the story...) I pulled the heat exhanger/exhaust manifold, starter, raw water pump, alternator, and oil sump drain pump. I labeled each wire as it came off of the block.

I loosened the top nuts on the motor mounts; this wasn't as easy as it sounds. Besides the expected rust issues, the rear portside is masked by the bump-out in the bellhousing for the starter. I ran a chain fall down from a pair of 2x4's across the companionway opening and put some tension on the motor to stabilize it and unbolted the motor mount bracket from the bell housing. Once that was free, lifted the engine a couple of inches just so I could get a wrench on the motor mount nut. Anyway, long story short -- got all the motor mounts loose.

The next focus was prepping for transport and offload back here at home. I taped over all of the openings from the parts I'd already pulled. Here in the garage, I constructed the cradle in the shot above from 2x3, 2x4 and 4x4's. I also built a knock-down cross-beam that would be large enough to get a trailer under. I used 4x4's for the uprights and the crossbeam; everything else is 2x4's. Here's a look at that set up.


After that it was just a simple matter of getting the crane scheduled, renting a U-Haul motorcycle trailer, and getting it done.

After I dropped the dodger, frame and boom gallows, I took an extra hour to protect the companionway.


The crane showed up on time (0900), and the crane operator and I did a quick walk through. Since it was just him, I had to be up in the cockpit. Being somewhat cautious, I decided to suspend the chainfall from the crane hook so I could take it real slow if need be. I used the chainfall for the first six inches or so, then gave hand signals to the crane operator. All in all she came out real easy. By 0930, I was bolting her down in the cradle on the trailer.

After an uneventful trip home, I got her off the trailer. At that point I had to start disassembly in order to get it ready to pop on the engine stand. I had to pull the bell housing, damper plate, flywheel and rear end plate. At that point, the engine stand yoke will (just) line up with bolt holes in the block. There's also (barely) enough room to remove the rear main seal housing.

The only mishap was that one of the damper plate bolts snapped off below the surface of the flywheel. That's gonna be a treat to fix...

Next chapter: The Tear Down
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