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Vendee Globe

My respect by Alex Thompson is increased again and it was already a big one. His boat had hit badly some debris at over 20K and one rudder was badly damaged. He had done a very complicated repair in a record time and without losing much time: Chapeau!!!!!!

"After the toughest 24 hours of his Vendée Globe so far, required to make a vital repair to his rudder mechanism on Hugo Boss after hitting a floating object during Sunday night, Alex Thomson (GBR) has been losing no time in getting right back into the race, closing fast again on Bernard Stamm this afternoon to challenge the Swiss skipper for fourth place.

The British skipper’s team confirmed today that the repair to the rudder tie bar had taken around fifteen hours in total. Although he had already made the same type of composite repair in the Atlantic to rectify a similar problem which had afflicted the opposite rudder, this time the work was more complicated and had to be completed in much more testing weather and sea conditions. The accident has damaged one of his hydrogenerators beyond repair....

Now relying on a limited supply of diesel and the one remaining hydrogenerator, Thomson will be in very strict energy saving mode – running what his team call ‘dark mode’ – which means very reduced communication with the outside world."

Stamm had also to slow down due to a smaller but more painful problem

"Bernard Stamm it has been self-dentistry which has been the new challenge for the Brittany based Swiss racer.

Stamm broke one of his molars whilst eating and, under careful instruction, had to file and fill the tooth himself with a temporary dressing, a painful and painstaking operation."

Doing that with the boat at speed (I bet he did not stop) should have been complicated....and painful

On the head of the race, a Drag race over the same course, François is finally going away from Armel. I Don't know if François can be faster that Armel or is just Armel that considered that going at that Rhythm was just madness and that they would end up with broken boats? Probably Armel has some small problem on the boat. On the last hour the difference in speed was considerable (2.2K) taking into consideration that they are on the same course and not far away. It seems to me not a normal difference if everything was alright with Armel and his boat.

Vendée Globe 2012-2013 - Tracking

Day 32 highlights - Tuesday, December 11, 2012 por VendeeGlobeTV

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