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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
People do stupid things on ships and boats far worse with more loss of life than two people and dont get nearly the noteriety and play in the press as the Bounty has. Even her in the shark tank of sailnet, the Bounty has had so many permutations as to cause and hypothesis that havent been afforded other ships or vessels which have sunk. It may beg back to a questuion to which JulieMor asked in the beginnning, why does this Bounty evoke so much response?

I think the reason the Bounty brings so much response is the fact the Capt apparently knew a very large storm system was headed his way. A storm system that most seamen/women knew would be difficult if not impossible (and at the least extremely dangerous) to out manuver. In light of all these facts, the Capt set sail. When people (including experienced tall ship and Commercial ship Captains, pleasure boaters, and the general public) heard the Coast Guard was attempting to rescue a historic tall ship in distress (and near the eye of hurricane Sandy), the responose from most of these people was what the hell is this ship doing in that location. Once people found out more information about the appearant poor condition of the ship Bounty, more questions were raised as to what this ship is doing in that location.

Remember, the Coast Guard said the rescue was one of the most difficult that they had ever performed. The rescued risked their lives and cost the US tax payer money. We deserve some answers and have the right to speak our minds as allowed by our Constitution (as long as we do not slander).
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