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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Truly amazing, Factual evidence met with ridicule.


I would bet that the members on the large Tall ships and many other in the Tall ship community do not subject them to the ridicule and insult you have just done here.
They may beleive they have the original named tall ships but they probably accept the differing classes. Ill bet they share commradiere amongst all the classes of these tall ships, as they are united as a group of purists who love and are passionate about sailing these vanishing ships of another era in the tradition of the way they were sailed. This is to be admired not ridulculed.

I know the Captain of the WITCHCRAFT who I have watch work on her for the last 10 years meticulously would not be amused by your insults and ridicule, nor would the 25 boats racing in Helsinki next year.

I am sorry this does not fit into your own definitions of a tall ship. Really doesnt change things or make a differnce, as the facts are the facts and their not going to change. I had to change my definition, which really meant all I had to do was expand what I thought and put the vessels in classes, because of what I found. Sparklepl3enty is really the one who made me think about it and research it, and I was suprised by the results, but i do understand why there are different classes of tall ships.
Geez, Dave - get a grip...

No one is "ridiculing" the owners or crews who sail a beautiful vessel such as WITCHCRAFT...

What seems worthy of ridicule - whether it has been so determined by "professionals", or not - is a set of guidelines that essentially deem any sailing vessel, traditionally-rigged or not - worthy of being classified as some sort of class of "Tall Ship", simply by virtue of the fact that it has a LWL greater than 30 feet...

Perhaps I'm missing some essential distinction contained within the guidelines presented in your link, but I'm not seeing it... It appears that any vessel with a waterline of greater than 30' may be termed as a Class C or D Tall Ship... I don't care who might be insisting it is so, to maintain the absurd fiction that a boat like WING NUTS, for example, may be rightfully referred to as a "Tall Ship" simply staggers the imagination...

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