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Re: My son's first 'car'...

Hmmm, ya likely many of those statistics do pertain to the fast moving boats, it seems that truly speed is the main issue. In terms of the statisitics they don't include ski-boats or personal watercraft, however they may include small open fishing and recreational "racing" boats.
Unmotored inflatables are some of the safest, though I guess if the motor doesn't push it much beyond 7 knots it should be as safe as sailing.

In terms of sailing, I can't imagine how a thunderstorm could roll in without wind, so I don't really see that as a plausibile issue. Similarly to a motorboat it does require expeirence to operate, though you can't run out of fuel, so that's an added bonus. The power of the sailboat actually goes up proportionally to the wind speed, so always have enough power to get home. Also I wasn't really recommending a small sailing dinghy but a sailing yacht i.e. greater than 21 feet, even 22 is good, they can trade up later.

It's better than a college fund I think, since it's a home, a vehicle, and means of livelihood. Also much cheaper *shrugs*. I've been to university, and to be honest, it was dull, I can learn a lot more from the internet. Only good part about it was I found my spouse there - admitedly during a brief period after quiting to find myself for a year.

I know my parents tried to kick me out as soon as I stopped taking university seriously, same with my spouse, so perhaps you'll find yourself in a similar situation of wanting to eject them from the nest one day. At which point getting them a sailing yacht is a great idea. I had to do a bunch of deep magic to get an apartment and stable income.

Also the sooner your kids get their own place, and livelihood,
the sooner you can have grandkids and such :-).
Though ya, of course it's up to you, and your soon to be adult children.

I'm happy to hear that they do wear their life jackets when using the inflatables :-).
18-24 is the er most tender time for statistics... :-S all the hormones and identity crisis.
It's the time I was most interested in finding out what I was seperate from parents and external influence.
Though I dono, maybe other people don't go through that phase?
hmmm, so it's an Erikson's stage os psychosocial development,
Erikson's stages of psychosocial development - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

guess this is mildly OT, but I think it's related to why I think they should at least have the opportunity to have a full fledged sailboat yacht, rather than a mere dinghy.

"The problem of adolescence is one of role confusion—a reluctance to commit which may haunt a person into his mature years. Given the right conditions—and Erikson believes these are essentially having enough space and time, a psychosocial moratorium, when a person can freely experiment and explore—what may emerge is a firm sense of identity, an emotional and deep awareness of who he or she is."

Yes this is what worked for me, I was very confused, having all these demands from my parents, of what to do, and what they expected of me, it was only after quiting university, and being a hermit in the basement for a year or so, that I figured out what I wanted from life, that was seperate from what my parents or society wanted from me. Now I live a pretty happy life if I do say so myself.

My main concern I guess, is that boats don't have much room, to do a hermitage like that.
Typically this definition of identity happens between 13-19 though may be till mid to later 20's:

"Erikson does note that the time of Identity crisis for persons of genius is frequently prolonged. He further notes that in our industrial society, identity formation tends to be long, because it takes us so long to gain the skills needed for adulthood’s tasks in our technological world. So… we do not have an exact time span in which to find ourselves. It doesn't happen automatically at eighteen or at twenty-one. A very approximate rule of thumb for our society would put the end somewhere in one's twenties"

With a sailboat yacht of their own, they'll be able to discover who they are, have more peer relations, and things like that, allowing them to become more whole and complete beings. Though since the onset of these identity crisis' things does usually happen later in our industrial societies, it's probably best to consult with them when they are ready. Sure moving into the basement isn't the same as getting a new boat, but it practicall was, as I had my own bathroom, kitchen, and place to throw parties for friends. During the 13-19 years it's peers and role models which are the significant relationships.
I threw parties every few weeks, starting around 13 or 14.
It's similar for my almost 16yr brother, his friends seem much more important than either myself or my parents, he plays video games with his peer friends all the time, as he's in some gifted program where they all have too many extra-curricular activities to have person-to-person interacitons. so ya there is a bit of generation gap but *shrugs* still same stage really.

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