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Re: Kid overboad plan

Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post
With all due respect, and I know you Canadians have thicker skin than us South FLorida boys, but I sure hope you discuss washing your child in freezing water with your pedi before doing it. I would be shocked if any physician were ok with that.
"My dad was a physician and he really believed you needed to acclimate to the cold and the only way you can do it is to swim in colder water." from
Cold Water Swimmer - Yankee Magazine

And quite frankly, I still don't see the point. Sounds uneccesarily dangerous to me, and painful for the child. Also sounds like a great way to catch a horrendous cold.
Er that's not really how colds work, there are a variety of factors at play for it.
Typically if you have healthy gut flora, then colds are almost non-existent.

Is your wife ok with that? Mine would hit me over the head with a skillet and throw me into the bathwater.
Oh ya she's okay with it.
She was initially hesitant about baby swimming in general, till she found out how common it was.

Though ya, don't intend to bathe the baby in water any colder than we can handle comfortably. The most important part of infant swimming/floating is that they enjoy themselves.

None of my business, I guess. I am just surprised by some of the customs of my Northern Friends. Maybe I live a sheltered life where we wear sweaters when the temps hit 70 and a full wet suit when the water is 75!
lol that's funny, 70f or <20C is when I put on a long sleeved shirt,
anything 20-30C is t-shirt and shorts weather,
we sweat real hard at anything above 25C.
over 30 usually wear light colored long sleeves,
to minimize moisture loss and sun burn.

sweater is only for <10C 50f,
same for wetsuits, as water never goes above 25C anyways,
except maybe in some small ponds and inlets.

The benefit of the northern latitudes,
is that there is more oxygen, so can think more,
and people can grow bigger.
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