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Re: Water Filteration

Originally Posted by Trekka View Post

We should pay attention to where our water comes from and what is in it. Municipal supplies are required to report to consumers their regular testing and results. Ever read yours? Know what your system tests for? What is looked for by testing varies from place to place. Some give themselves high grades but test for a fraction of what other locales test for. When I travel to new places I often ask locals where their water comes from. Almost no one ever knows. Yes it is easy to feel all is well when one is not looking, let alone, watching.


From an article you can read by Googling: 'Perchlorates in California water suppy'

"A toxic chemical used to fuel Cold War-era missiles and the rockets that put man on the moon has left a legacy of contamination across the Southwest, where it pinches the region's already tight supply of drinking water.

The chemical, called perchlorate, pollutes much of the lower Colorado River -- the main water source for 20 million people across the Southwest -- and has forced the shutdown of hundreds (300+) of wells in California.

State and federal officials are still debating how much risk perchlorate poses when ingested and what limits should be set for the chemical, a process slowed partly by lawsuits filed by defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin Corp. that worry they could be on the hook for billions of dollars in cleanup costs."

And... some believe they want the government to determine how much pollutants our bodies can acquire everyday... not me! OP wanted to know what filters are best to use and we posted... adding that he can somehow drink polluted water in some 'degrees' is beyond what he asked!... My son is a resident 'virologist' at the CDC Center in Atlanta and I showed him this thread and of course he laughed at some of the suggestions regarding how clean 'some rain water' could be or adding chlorox to drinking water supply tanks... ludicrous at best!
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