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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by Bountydaughter View Post
I do not believe egotistical described him as a captain. He was experienced and knowledgeable but not to the point of conceit. Was he confident? Yes, again not to the point of egotistical. I had posted previously:
"Anyone that knew Robin and watched that interview knew that he was poking fun at that reporter. His "chasing hurricanes" comment has been completely taken out of context. That was his sense of humor. As far as his stating there is no bad weather only different kinds, he did truly believe that. Weather was something you could manage. He had sailed in all different kinds of weather and up to this point, successfully. As far as that interview, if this incident had not happened no one except people that watch public access tv in Maine would have ever seen it." Boastful was also not a term to describe Robin either as a man or a captain.
To poke with someone is alright, to poke with a reporter conducting and interview that is going to the press and is going to be posted on the social media, the way he had done, about things that define him as a Captain, is just absurd. He defined himself as a Captain that says that bad weather does not exist, that likes to chase hurricanes and have a good ride out of them, not only to the reporter but to the thousands of people that would see that interview. This don't seem to make sense to me, unless he was boasting.

You say that he is poking, well, that is your opinion, I find it hard to believe that someone is poking not only with a guy but with the thousands that would see and read that interview. I believe that the term boasting is more appropriated, but off course that is just my opinion.

But that is not the only time I find that he was boasting. I believe also that he was boasting when he wrote that the "Bounty new no boundaries" or when he said that a XVIII century designed wooden ship would be safer facing an Hurricane on the sea than in a Port.

Again that is just my opinion based mainly in the almost complete incomprehension that other Tall ship captains have shown by his decision to sail out. I assume that Bounty's Captain knew that he was taking a considerable risk taking Bounty out of Port and sailing towards an Hurricane.

Originally Posted by Bountydaughter View Post

People make decisions based on past experience and presumed ability all the time. Sometimes bad things happen and it does not have to do with being egotistical or stupid decision making. For example, I live in New England and it snows here. There are times when it snows very hard and the state "recommends" that drivers stay off the roads. Many people make a decision to drive anyway based on what they think the conditions of the roads are, their previous experience with driving in the snow and their confidence in their driving abilities. If the decision is made to drive to work, the store or whatever does that make that person reckless and egotistical? Confidence does not equal ego.
Bounty's Captain was a professional mariner and had lives to his care. His decision to leave port in that Ship sailing towards an Hurricane was unanimously criticized by all professional mariner community even before the boat being lost.

A professional captain does not take risks with the lives of his crew. Obviously that was what the bounty Captain had done. Again, it is not me stating that, is all marine professional community that says that what he had done was wrong. If that does not make it a one time foolish decision it would make it a behavior of a Captain that had unfounded confidence in the seaworthiness of his ship and on his own capacities to manage all kind of weather.

I believe you are more qualified than all of us put together to judge him like a man but that is not what we are discussing here, but his actions has a Captain and regarding that I don't think you are more qualified than us and you are certainly less than all those tall ship Captains that had already stated what they thought.

I am really sorry to say all this to you, but is just my opinion, that have been expressed already on this thread and I believe that in a discussion we should say what we think. I hope you can understand that.



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