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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Thanks for your posts on this topic. Your opinions are just as valid as anyone else's opinion. Your posts have more supporting documentation than most others and show considerable study, which makes them esspecially valuable.
He does post valuable information and most of it has been germaine and posted civilly, I agree. Not all though and when he gets called on it has a very vitriollic reaction to the poster.. Why should he be any different than the way I am treated when I post. When his supporting documentation is another internet blog site, I dont recognize the validity of it, after all as has beenpointed out here anyone can join it and have an opinion...even me who has.

Chef....You have posted probably more posts on this topic than anyone else. You seem to get angry when you can't control the outcome of the conversation. When you get angry, you throw out some nasty slights against the persons who post something you don't like.
Not angry...your interpretation of my emotions. Control the outcome of a conversation...thats an oxymoron. I lag behind PCP on number of posts. I have not been the only person to post my opinions contrary to his and clearly others have done it multiple times yet you chose to only zero in one mine. You have that right of course,

Remember Mantus anchor posts.....Mantus was essentially accused of unethical behavior by you, but as near as I can tell, when all the rocks hit the ground, they are a pretty straight up group. .
But they were found to be not following the rules by not fully disclosing that one of the posters was an employee of theirs acting like a new member. That was unethical. Because of my and others posts to that nature they were required to fully disclose. That protects all of us.

I dont know them so I dont know if they are a straight up group, I hope so as I have bought from them, but in this instance they clearly has someone come on and extoll the anchor who was a consulting employee of their business. They did immediatelky correct the issue.

BTW I bought one of their anchors

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