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Re: What to do?

Originally Posted by killarney_sailor View Post
What to do?
Well.... Captain, I am getting bored too.

I think you are trying to put the Cart Before the Horse...

Why do you need a gun or anchor? You need to put your boat at the finger dock just like everyone else. Sitting on dock and connecting to Sailnet and enjoying the view for a few years to earn your due, when there is no current and wind, you can venture out the harbor with your motor. If you want to go thru Kent Narrows or god forbid Knapps Narrows, make sure you plan ahead like a month earlier and let the local Lions to guide you thru. The friendly folks here will even give you their 24/7 phone number. This is not becasue they think you were a moron, they are just stand up guys with special knowledge. . They care about your safety and there were no hidden agendas on their part, honest.

If you have not settled for a boat yet, make sure your boat is smaller and older than others. Don't even think about buying a production boat, get a old boat from a company who has gone out a businesses for a few decades. The big porthole and wide cockpit are a big NO NO when come to sailing. You need tiny porthole and a pigeon hole cockpit to be safe. Can you imagine in a heavy sea, the wind will ripe the big window apart. In a roomy cockpit, you could be drown in there. Only buy what they have is the Key.

One more thing, before you sail, please submit an application to Sailnet committee for approval. They don't want you to endanger other people or their boats. If you follow the rules, you will be fine.

Hope this helps!!!

Fine Print:
I am old school. Integrity is to do the right thing even when no one is watching.

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