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Re: Induction vs electric vs alcohol stove?

Originally Posted by miatapaul View Post
I could see using an induction Hot plate when at dockside for convenience. But not as a main cooking source unless I had a nice big boat like Zanshin, I assume he has a onboard generator to charge his batteries. No way would I want to go to the trouble of hooking up a portable generator to be able to cook, if my batteries were low. Two eight foot long solar panels? Where? Why not minimize your electrical demand if you want to go solar?

My only issue with alcohol stoves is that they give me a headache, so I am stuck with propane. Of course I like to cook, so I really like to cook over a flame, not electric. Can't stand cooking on Electric.
Don't understand the difficulty in what I've done and why one version is better than the other unless one has tried it... it works perfectly for me... the boat is not an ocean going vessel, not going to Hawaii or New Zealand with it... coasting up and down the Puget Sound area in close vicinity of less than 20 mile or less radius, maybe go to Anacortes, San Juans, Port Townsend, etc.... so not much cooking going on there... mostly the stoves are for use during moorage or while in the slip... don't see what the negative reaction is... it's the same reaction when a computer is given to a senior citizen... at first it's 'why do I need that electronic junk, I can read a newspaper or book'... but seniors are embrazing the digital age slowly... after all you're on this forum on a computer on the internet... 'ya ain't reading this on a book are ya?'. Any fuel used whether it's kerosene, propane, alcohol, butane, even wood is full of it's own dangers both to health (carbon monoxide, inhaling soot, smoke, etc.) and fire danger (open flames, oil spitting/falling onto open flames, etc.) to the boat (many flamable objects in close proximity to the stove like seat cushions, etc.)... why use it, why risk it? To each his own... I've chosen mine...

Regarding the solar panels... Yes... 8 feet long 18 inches wide and as flexible as a 1/8th inch plastic panels... in fact I have it rolled up as we speak in a coil that is only 12 inches diameter stored for use... they work fantastic... so when I get ready to get my dodger made they'll be incorporated on top of the dodger getting all that glorious sun in Georgia/Florida...

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