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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post

There is only a very small number facts so far because they have not been independently verified and challenged.

The Bounty left the dock with the Cpatain in charge- the only thing to date I have commented on so far concerning the Captain but that may even be premature
Sandy existed
The ship sank

We really dont even know if the Captain was coerced or threatened or was even in
charge the whole trip
We really dont know the condition of the ship just unchallenged statements
We really dont know what happened the whole time and chain of events on the ship

Originally Posted by jameswilson29 View Post
In this case, however, unlike your jury trial example, the facts are not in dispute. It is simply a matter of whether a reasonably prudent professional skipper would have left port in the circumstances. The exact reason for the sinking becomes irrelevant after the skipper made the decision to leave port.
No matter what, the Captain was responsible for having sailed out of port in a ship that was not seaworthy to sail near an hurricane; he was responsible for instead of running from the Hurricane or going to one of the possible good ports available; he was responsible to chose to sail a Hurricane.

These are errors that had tragic consequences, errors that a professional captain should not have made under any circumstances. These were no mistakes, this were gross errors. You have already basically agreed with this.

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
No bet here Minnie. Nothing found will take away from Walbrifges responsibility. It will just maybe add other causitive factors to the events of the day or days....

The investigation, whenevrr it concludes in many months will determining the rest of the facts from rumors

I am not of the opinion that the Captain should not take full blame for HIS actions of sailing into the hurricane so I cant come up with an alternative scenarios. I will restate my belief for the 50th time HE IS REPSONSIBLE FOR HIS ACTIONS FULLY .
So it seems clear that we agree on that and that is the basic issue. Those errors was what lead to the sinking of the boat. Without that errors we would not be discussing this.

About the rest there could exist or not mitigating circumstances and the interest of this thread is not on judging nobody since the facts are self evident, but to try to understand why it happen and the details regarding all the situation.

This is not a court and we just make educated guesses based on evidence. I am not judging nobody, I just manifest opinions based in what I know and most of all based on the opinion of the ones that have a much better informed opinion, namely tall ship captains or even professional mariners.

I am sure that the CG will have a lot more facts than us and will be able to pin point much more accurately what happen and most of all why it happen.

Meanwhile I will continue to try to find more relevant information just because I am interested in the subject and in trying to understand how this could have happen.

Regarding that, I think that is of paramount importance for the CG investigation to know if this was an isolated incident that had (or not) as mitigating circumstances an undue pressure from the owners of the boat to be able to attend an already booked calendar or if it was normal the Bounty to sail in heavy weather, I mean if this was not an isolated event but the only one that went wrong.

I don't even know if the CG is going to investigate that, but even if they don't do it, I will continue to have the opinion that will be important to understand the origins of this accident, meaning why Bounty's Captain had chose to do what he has done: Try to sail an Hurricane with a XVIII century designed wooden ship.



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