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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by TakeFive View Post
Originally Posted by casey1999
...A lot of what we read, see and hear seems to be what the crew and captain "think" happened, not really what happened.
So because the statements of people who were actually there don't agree with the artificial reality that you guys have created (by repeating your speculation so much that you've deluded yourselves into thinking it's "fact"), you have the gall to belittle their statements by claiming that they are not really what happened.
Certainly a legitimate point, but I'd take this slight exception...

Right from the start, I believe some here have placed way too high a value on some of the statements from crew, considering them as literal "truth", simply by virtue of the fact they were there, or knew the captain personally...

The well-informed postings of sparklepl3nty confirmed my suspicions about the BOUNTY's crew - namely, that some appeared to be extremely "green", to use her polite term... Obviously, a lack of experience would have little to do with their impressions of the skipper as a man, but could certainly inform their opinions about the seamanship employed during the final voyage, and certain comments of crew in the wake of her loss offer a rather stunning disconnect from reality...

The "engineer" Barksdale has been the primary source of information, and yet he admitted he was not even aware of Sandy until shortly prior to leaving New London... That ANY crewmember aboard a tall ship, about to make an offshore passage the full length of the Atlantic seaboard in hurricane season, could be so unaware, is difficult for me to imagine... Furthermore, unless one assumes Barksdale remained in virtual isolation from the rest of the crew that week, never speaking to ANYONE else, it seems obvious that most of the rest of the crew was similarly "clueless" about the weather, and the plan of the voyage, as well... One would think a major hurricane moving directly up the track of their route would have been a likely topic of conversation among that crew, no? One really has to question how involved some of that crew was in the operation of the BOUNTY, and assume that they might simply have just been along for the ride... and thus, how likely the possibility that some of their impressions or recollections from that final voyage might not be particularly well-informed, from a nautical perspective...

So, I'm simply suggesting that some of the comments, from some of that crew, might be rightfully taken in the context of their apparent inexperience, and perhaps with more than a grain or two of salt...

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